• A GREAT Day Golfing

    A GREAT Day Golfing

Sometimes you get bumped off a golf course for one of a variety of reasons. This was first time for me the lack of golf cars was the issue – in an area where most of the golfers are seniors! Fate would have it that the course we played enabled me to make a record of only 24 putts.

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Maureen O'Shea

Seeing: First, I couldn’t see my golf ball land. Then my windshield seemed to be all scratched up. I’d had my cataracts removed, but my vision hadn’t changed since then. So what was happening? Was I was going crazy?

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Å jänta å ja’

Å jänta å ja’, å jänta å ja’
allt uppå landavägen, å ja’,
å jänta å ja’, å jänta å ja’
allt uppå landavägen.
Där mötte hon mej en morgon så klar,
å sola ho sken på himmelen så rar,
å vacker som ljusan dagen ho var,
mitt hjärta, vart tog du vägen?
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