• A GREAT Day Golfing

    A GREAT Day Golfing

Ice cream was one of the special treats I remember as a child. A cone for a dime at the Cafe in Strongfield when I went with my Dad when he hauled wheat to the elevator was a huge TREAT.

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Some of your best friends are made through work. Life time memories from our early twenties. We worked hard, played hard, had lots of (sing-along) parties with Lynn playing her Ukulele. Some friends for over 60 years!

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Time for peach pie and peaches for breakfast!

If you like peaches, you should make a fresh peach pie at least once in your life. And I discovered that peaches are great for breakfast too, but not in a way you’ve ever imagined…

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Maureen O'Shea

Seeing: First, I couldn’t see my golf ball land. Then my windshield seemed to be all scratched up. I’d had my cataracts removed, but my vision hadn’t changed since then. So what was happening? Was I was going crazy?

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Å jänta å ja’

Å jänta å ja’, å jänta å ja’
allt uppå landavägen, å ja’,
å jänta å ja’, å jänta å ja’
allt uppå landavägen.
Där mötte hon mej en morgon så klar,
å sola ho sken på himmelen så rar,
å vacker som ljusan dagen ho var,
mitt hjärta, vart tog du vägen?
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