On the road again

Moving is always a challenge. My first move from the farm was to work in the Royal Bank in Craik, Saskatchewan in 1952.

Royal Bank of Canada, Craik, Saskatchewan

I was then transfered to Yorkton, and then onto Regina. (Both in Saskatchewan). I spent 45 years in Regina before moving to Calgary, Alberta. After three moves in Calgary I am moving again!

I remember my bus ride to Yorkton where everything I owned was in one suitcase to downsizing my last four moves. I have to admit although I may not have been a hoarder I certainly was a collector! I could not have written over 350,000 words in my blog 78mph.com without having pictures, menu’s from restaurants, newspaper clippings, souvenirs, brochures, etc. to enhance many of the posts. I saved stuff.

This move started back in March.

On March 8 I made a phone call to CorryAnn, the sales lady for Silvera condos. Bridget and I had looked at their show home back in December and I was on their waiting list. Would you believe I was in first place on the list and there was a condo available on the 4th floor, facing south.

I did not hesitate to put a hold on this condo for possession May 31, 2024

There are pros and cons of knowing you are moving in over 2 1/2 months! Down sizing was a major problem as many items I had were with me since 1959. I did have help in choosing what to keep and to sell or give away.

I am, however, looking forward to this move! The building is quite new (2022) and is an independent living apartment for seniors. Next door is a retirement residence for seniors where I can participate in fitness classes, crafts and cooking, computer classes, buy some meals, all for a price.

I do love the space: granite counter tops, air conditioning, non slip floors, view of the mountains, etc. Although I don’t have a balcony there will be BBQ’s available to use (weather permitting) – just reserve a spot. It is cozy about half the size I was renting in Discovery Ridge.

The week of the move was hectic. Bridget, Lily and Mats arrived and we packed and packed and made trips to Good Will, other charities and sold some items.

Words cannot begin to express my appreciation of the “Gang” that helped with a moving truck, SUV’s, cars and muscles, all family and friends. Could you say that all went smoothly…well not quite, but it was all done in a timely fashion. The condo I left was cleaned and polished thanks to all who made that possible. You absolutely rock!

My new place is new, bright, views to the south west of the mountains, and lovely. Quite small but very comfortable. I’m happy to be here.

Three pictures below of my new digs!

Beautiful flowers from Lily and Mats

A housewarming present from Kayles – a CD Player

I am so honored.


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  1. Linda Foo

    Moves are always hard but they are opportunities for new connections and possibilities. Enjoy your new home!

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