My Letters to Georgie

As the story goes, the mid-wife, Mrs. Brun, handed me to Georgie after I was born and said, “You are going to have to look after this baby as your mother REALLY needs to have time to recover.  You know this is her 10th baby.”


Georgie (right) with my Dad and Mom

And, as Georgie told me later, that was exactly what she did!  My Mom really liked her plants and loved to be out in the garden from spring to fall.  Georgie made an agreement that she would look after me and Mom could do the cooking and gardening.  She and Verna took turns rocking me to sleep, singing their large repertoire of songs that they’d memorized from listening to the radio.

We know from the story of Georgie that I went with her along with any boy friend on any outings such as picnics, ball games, etc.  If the truth be told I am pretty sure that until Georgie left home to work that I thought she was my Mother!  I know I was so happy when she would come home on her day off but so devastated when she left again.

Before she died, Georgie gave me back all the the letters I had written to her as a kid and I am printing them as they were! – spelling errors and grammar errors complete. And, silly me, after she’d given them to me and I transferred them into digital form, I decided to throw them away. I rather regret that, but you can’t keep everything. Here are my letters to Georgie.

September 20, 1942 (7 years old)

Dear Georgie,

Now it’s your birthday and we have not sent any thing to you. We want some grapes. We killed all of the cats so you shouldn’t get mad at us. Gordon came home on Wednesday morning veary early and they took him back today. They took him to Davidson. Daddy Paul Gerald Curtis took him back. The catcu bearies are good. Did you hear that there will be a change in the weather because the horses have there hind ends agenst the barn that’s what Daddy says. 22 September. It has been raining today. Today I didn’t do hardly anything at school. Techer just talks most of the time at school. Verna is sewing up her coat on the arm. Verna made a skirt for Ruthie today it is a green dress.

The teacher is so dium I could hit him but I wouldn’t want to go that close to him. Mamma is frying eggs now. I washed the lunch dishes and Margie give me a pen. that’s what I’m writing with. I’m going to get a snow suit from EATONS. Margie is setting the table.

It sure was cold this morning. Dady can sing better than Paul. Don’t tell Marion about that.

October 10, 1942 (8 years old)

Dear Georgie

Thank you verry much for the pyjamas I was so glad to get it. I got four war saving stamps from Verna and a box of stationary from Edna. Eight pennies from daddy two pennies from Eldon. A pair of short socks from Beada a stick of gum from Mamma. I got a sweter from daddy and overals too. Joe Taylor brought Edna & Ruthie home from town last night. Mamma is whriting to you. Oct. 12 now Mamma and I were taking apart a dress with a knife and the knife got poked in my eye it shur does hurt now.
It didn’t hurt long as it is better now.

Edna and Verna and Ruthy and Margie were singing last night and today some. Jimmie weighed me today and I weighed 50 ½ pounds. The old pig trough has got one of the ends out. Mamma and Jimmie and I fixed it.

So long

November 8, 1942 (8 years old)

Dear Georgie,

I got your letter a few days ago and was glad to get it. I didn’t have time to write to you cause I was bissy. I have got 9 war stamps and I’m going to buy 2 more one day. Louden bought a pound of butter from us he payed us yesterday. 35C I got 25C out of that cause the day Mamma printed it I wiped the dishes. Yesterday I washed the kitchen floor the hall floor and the pantry floor too. Margie was going to wash ½ of the kitchen floor but I washed it all caus Margie didn’t want too.
Today I mite go over to pauls for awhile caus I havent been over there for a long time. The Teacher is making Corrine Margie and Joyce make up the xmas concert he won’t do it his self – the ink in this pen isnt berry good. There is a lot of frost outside since last night. I sure like “I met him on Monday,” the record. Roger came home a few days ago he has got his pilot uniform and his junk home with him. I shur don’t like it when I am writing a letter case Jimmie disturbs me. Jimmie is up stairs with me I wish he would go down.

They thrashed the looft in our barn not quite a few days ago but there is quite a few bundels lift out there. Mamma says to keep on writing now so I will get it sent to you. I dident think about writing till to day, I think I can write when I want to write long letters to you are the one I like writing to- It’s all most dinner time, I went over to Pauls Corinne & Micky were over to our place.

I am going to write 4 pages to you maby, might just write 3 pages.
So Long, Love
P.S. Write soon,

May 23, 1944 (9 years old)

Dear Georgie,
I am sick in bed so I can’t write very good while I am in bed so I have got a lot of junk.
You will have to try and excuse my writing won’t you please. 2 This is the writing paper Margie got from Kennie for her Birthday.

Mamma is sick in bed too. It sure has been nice these days hasn’t it. Jessie got a calf on Garry’s Birthday the 14.

Daddy is going to town maby when Paul gets here. Jimmie just got over the flu. Ruthie and Margie have to do the cooking. I am feeling wll write now.

Daddy was to Dunblane yesterday. Paul went with him. They went to get bread they were going to get 6 bottles of whine or Whisky. When you write to me put Leslie instead of Maureen. Caus I like that best. Eldon and I went to town on Mon 17 but we didn’t even get out of the truck. We took Henry Hauta home. I had to set on his legs he held me so tight I could hardly move. We had ice cream yesterday. I didn’t get any pie but I am getting some today.

May 23, 1946 (11 years old)

Dear Georgie and Bill

Well how do you like it in Ont? I sure bet you aren’t homesick.

I am staying home from school today because I am stiff from practicing for the Field Day in Loreburn. We are taking the banking from the house today.

I sure get lonely for you when Frank and Verna and etc are home.

We were to Woods on Verna birthday. Jimmie MaPa and I. Ruthie and Gordon are over there some place now. They have to go for Edna sometime (from home) today because she gets a holiday to-morrow.

I have $15.00 now from getting half the cream checks. We haven’t got our egg money yet.

We (Pete/Ger) are going after awhile. The boys saw a beaver in the river 5 ft. long last Sunday Speaking of Sunday there were about 50 people at the river. Edna margie and I were to the school. Verna 4 Frank and Mikey were here Sat. night and Sunday.

I have finished all my subjects except Health and I’m just about done in that. We will start to review in a few days.

I can’t think of anything else so bye for now. Write soon or sometime.


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  1. Heather Martineau

    So cute! I’m glad that you kept them original. I did not know that Grandpa could sing better than Paul but I’ll take your word for it!

    • Thanks for reading my letters. I do remember going to Uncle Charlie’s one time with just Daddy and Paul. They sang songs there and back, some in Swedish and some in English. One song in Swedish that they sang was “After The Ball.” I knew the tune but of course not the words they sang. They could harmonize together very well. I guess that would be common for twins!

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