The Swedish Pioneers

Freight train

Per and Axel Sten made two train trips to Davidson. The first, in 1904, was to find homestead land; the second was the move itself, from Roseau Minnesota, a year later. The lure of the land, and perhaps the threat of tuberculosis may be why the Stens packed up and set out in the spring of 1905.

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Wheat Field

Before I tell you about my family and homesteading, I want to explain why they chose to go where they went. I think two Roseau, Minnesota men, Edgar Book and Andrew Berg had a big influence on them. Here’s why.

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Å jänta å ja’

Å jänta å ja’, å jänta å ja’
allt uppå landavägen, å ja’,
å jänta å ja’, å jänta å ja’
allt uppå landavägen.
Där mötte hon mej en morgon så klar,
å sola ho sken på himmelen så rar,
å vacker som ljusan dagen ho var,
mitt hjärta, vart tog du vägen?
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