Why St. George, Utah is a Great Golf Destination

I want to tell you why St. George, Utah is a great golf destination.

Now I know there are doubters out there who don’t think that Utah is a year-round place to golf, especially since Salt Lake was the host of the 2002 Winter Olympics, but down in the southwest corner of the state, nestled up against Nevada and Arizona, St. George is not just a golf destination, but has some of the finest courses you’d want to golf on anywhere.

Most years, you can play all year round in Utah. You may want to pass up the months of July and August when the desert is just too hot, and your choice of good tee times would be limited to daybreak.  I have golfed games in all the months from September to May. December and January may have a skiff of snow but the ground is never frozen (once in a blue moon there has been snow that lasted a few days). All you need to do is wait an hour and the sun comes out and melts the snow.

Stay-and-play specials are offered for most of the golf courses in and around St. George and there’s the selection is great. Green Springs,

Sand Hollow Golf Course

Sand Hollow, St. George Golf Club, Sun River Golf Club, Coral Canyon, Dixie Red Hills, Sunbrook and Bloomington (Private). The Ledges is just a few miles up the Snow Canyon Parkway and

Sky Mountain Hole #1

Sky Mountain is on State Route #9 on the way to Zion National Park.

There are days when it is impossible to play at Sky Mountain because of the wind. It’s not just wind, but a wind that’s more like a gale force. The town of Hurricane was aptly named because when the wind comes down from the northeast along the Virgin River from Cedar City, you can’t play golf even if you wanted to. When the wind blows, it’s so strong you can hardly stand up!


A course that was a major challenge and was short lived was called “Kokopelli”.  Fantastic views but long and tough.

But don’t despair. When it is windy at Sky Mountain from the northeast, you will find there is NO wind in and around St. George. Head down the I-15 to the #2 exit to the 18-hole championship SunRiver Golf Club and there won’t even be a breeze. SunRiver lost a number of holes in the flood of 2005 and did a great job of rebuilding the course, which is in a retirement community. There are some challenging holes on this course and placement of your drives in a proper place is key, and if you do, you’ll play this course well. Sun River also has golf boards and if you’re interested in trying one of them out, they’ll show you how to operate them before you take them out on the course.

Over the years I have found great condos to rent in the area. The condos I’ve stayed at have been fully furnished with great beds. You know you can’t play good golf if you don’t get a good nights sleep. Coral Springs Resort is tops in terms of accommodation, with swimming pools, tennis courts and other amenities.

I like to be able to do my own cooking and having a BBQ is a must. Lin’s Grocery in Hurricane is the place to find Lay’s Maui Onion Potato Chips and the Costco in St. George lets me stock the fridge and freezer with fish, chicken, lamb and goodies.

The Player’s Club (restaurant) opened a few years ago and now you can watch big screen TVs and it has a fully stocked bar! One of the first stops I like to make is at George’s on the corner of Main Street and the St. George Boulevard in downtown St. George. The original restaurant was open in the days of Route 66 and now the younger generation has brought back great food at reasonable prices. Don’t even think of passing through town without stopping at George’s for LAMB BURGERS. They are so good with sliced cucumbers, onion, lettuce, tomatoes and their special sauce. It comes with salad or fries. What can be better than a lamb burger and a COKE?

For shopping you will find the Outlet Stores are right in St. George. My favourite is the Kitchen Connection.  This store has everything from Kitchen Aid mixers to avocado slicers and all are sale priced!  Sees Candies (I can’t resist the California Peanut Brittle) can be found evidence my favourite store Chico’s. Chico’s ladies wear is a store for all ages of women.  There are  so many lines to choose from like Travellers (no wrinkles) to Zenergy (sporty).  All at a reasonable price.  Chico’s is the first store I had ever seen that has something on sale every week! The clothes are classy, comfortable and reasonably priced. Go Chico’s.

One half hour and you can be in Mesquite Nevada. I have played The Palms, The Oasis Palmer Course, Falcon Ridge,

Conestoga Golf Club

Conestoga and the famous Wolf Creek courses. I must admit that Wolf Creek was totally awesome. The canyon crossings, the great condition of the course and the views were something to talk about for a long time. Play a little at one of the casinos and try the authentic Mexican food at Los Lupes.

Drive down I-15 from Mesquite to Glendale and take the two lane highway west to Coyote Springs Golf Course. This course was built part of a master plan of a major residential area with many golf courses that was stalled in 2008. The course is a Jack Nicklaus design and one of my favourite golf courses. Out in the desert with lots of desert plants, flowers, natural sand waste bunkers and peace and quiet! The only sounds you hear are the ping of the golf ball off the tee on an adjoining hole. I love this course and play it at least a few time every trip.

One and a half hours from Hurricane and you can be in Las Vegas. A day for shopping at the Fashion Mall or visiting your money in one of the casinos. (That is if you have been there before a left some money on the table). There are soooooo many Casino’s in Las Vegas that it is overwhelming on your first visit. Where to go,and what to do has many possibilities. A great dinner can be had at any one of the casino’s on the strip or at the outlying casinos. You can even find an Irish Pub in many casinos and they all serve Lamb Stew. Yummy. Take in a live show and if you have $500 to spare you can play golf at the Wynn Las Vegas Golf Course. I have not played it but I do believe you get a caddy for the 18 holes!

Sky Mountain Golf Course is my all time FAVOURITE Course. Just sayin!


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