Christmas 2017


The weeks of madly preparing for Christmas is a thing of the past for me. The letters to Santa that your children wrote and the clues they gave you as to what they wanted for Christmas was long ago. Finding time in a busy household, with both Doc and I working full time, just to buy presents was another challenge. Were we staying at home, having company over the holidays, or going to one of my siblings for Christmas? Oh how the kids loved to go to stay with their cousins. And we loved the visits with friends over the holidays. Hold onto those memories. Now I am lucky to have family and friends close by to help me celebrate. Time flies by so fast and really all of you should document your year. My Christmas letter, over the years,  with pictures started in 1976 has really helped me recall happenings for my writing.

This year has brought many joys for me. The birth of my granddaughter Marcella was the highlight of this spring. What a happy child. Sports by my family is tops again in my news. Most of the Anderson/O’Shea foursome taking the podium in all WakeSurf competitions they entered. Lily’s climb to the Pro category this fall was amazing after winning first place in World’s. Mat’s is no stranger from heights both on the water and in growth! Then there is Nic in the spotlight not only in golf but in hockey as well.

Most of you know what I was up to in 2018 from reading my blog – (Happy Birthday Canada golf car seat cover above) My blog was down in the number of posts written this year but I was determined to get the Swedish Pioneers book into print. This took months! But now that’s done. I just checked and I have 57 draft posts that need editing and along with them there are many more stories to be told.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate this special time and Happy Holidays to all others.

Good health, good friends and good times in 2018

Maureen O’Shea

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  1. Chantal Eadie

    Lovely post, as always, Maureen. Congratulations on becoming a grandma again, and on your book and golfing escapades. Merry Christmas to you and family.
    Love, Chantal, Al and kids xoxo

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