Happy Birthday 78 MPH

picture of Ruth and Maureen

Ruth and Maureen at Lake Louise

When my daughter Colleen suggested a year ago that I should write a blog I said, “What, me??? write a blog???” I hardly knew what a blog was let alone that I could write.  I always thought of myself as a numbers person and NOT a words person. She said she would help, so it was my turn to wake up and write.

As you all know by now I have been writing and that in itself has surprised me and many of you as well.  Before I started writing the blog, I started putting a word document together with a story of my, and my family’s life, but the road trip that I took with my friend Ruth became the starting point for my blogging. The blog has encompassed a few different chapters so far, and my initial idea of it being a project that maybe my grandchildren and their children might read has turned into weekly and/or sometimes daily writing.

The statistics are overwhelming: 135 posts, 116,529 words, 360 comments, 12,353 words in comments.  the number of countries represented in 2015 was 52 and so far in 2016, people from 53 different countries have stopped in to take a look at my blog. As of 7:00 a.m. this morning, I’d logged 18,575 visitors. I had no idea so many people would be interested in the stories I have to tell.

MPP – Most Popular Posts

The most read post has been “Make Your Own Golf Car Seat Cover” with a read of 1,300 and next is “Positional Vertigo and Golf” with a read of 850. Coming in third place was the post “1956 and the Rider Train to Edmonton“.  The highest reads for one day was July 14, 2015 with 573 reads.

I turned my first 78 blogs into a book and was so pleased with the printing that I will soon be printing book number two, about the Swedish Pioneers and My Life with Doc!


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If you would ask Colleen about my blogging, she would say that writing has made me a little sharper, which is always music to the ears of a gal who will turn 82 a bit later this year. I’m much better at Google searches than I was a year ago — not that I wasn’t good before, I’m just even better now. And it’s had other positive side effects, too, like getting me in touch with family I didn’t know I had, and keeping me closer to friends who I don’t get to see too often. Many of them subscribe to the blog and get an email notice as soon as I’ve put a new post up, and they click on the link and read it as soon as they see it in their in-box. (You can subscribe to the blog by entering your email address into the form on the right-hand side of the homepage (see the image) — or just it into a comment and I’ll get you signed up.)

And some of my friends call me as soon as they’ve read it my latest post. Others send me emails or make comments on Facebook. Writing and phone calls keep me busy (but I still find time to play bridge, golf and do other things too).

I’m also grateful to my youngest daughter, Bridget, who shares nearly every post I write with her very wide audience of friends. Even some of Bridget’s friends are dedicated readers of my posts, and that makes me feel really proud.

Thanks, everyone, for reading, sharing — and encouraging me to keep writing. It’s been fun, so far, and I’m looking forward to the second year, which begins tomorrow.


Maureen O’Shea



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  1. Congratulations, mom. It’s been a lot of fun so far for me too.

    I love your stories about when you were young, what Regina was like in the mid 1950’s – it sure seems like it was a great place to be as a young, single person. And the story about dad, how he was before the accident, the accident itself and what happened afterwards. Bridget wrote about how she knew her friends saw her dad as being different, even scary. That was a light bulb for me: I never imagined he was seen like that before. There was a song about a couple that was going to get a divorce, called “Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast”. We all knew the words to the chorus and would sing it at the top of our voices, sort of in honour of him and the way he walked. Whenever I hear it now, it still brings a tear to my eyes, just like I get when you sing On A Cold Winter’s Night.

    Wouldn’t it be great if your blog inspires others to start writing too? There are so many stories that need to be told — by everyone.

    Keep up the great work, mom. It’s fantastic.

  2. Irene Clermont

    Congratulations Maureen on your first anniversary of writing your blog! You have done such good work and I know that you have a lot more stories to share. As a friend and faithful follower, I look forward to reading many more of your blogs.

  3. Elsie

    Congratulations as you begin your second year of writing. I can relate to many of your stories as I also grew up on a farm in SK. I had one sister and 5 brothers. There are only my sister and I and our youngest brother left. But we all have such happy memories of the others and the best parents anyone could ever have had. I enjoy your blogs and look forward to them. Thank you. Elsie

    • I am happy my stories bring back memories for you. I hope that many will take my example that if I can do it they can do it too and write about their lives. I look forward to your comments.

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