Fun in the sun in Sun City again

How much fun it is to be basking in the sun today in southern Arizona? Let me tell you.

Yesterday was a busy day for us to get Ruth’s place ready for visitors after a hiatus of seven months.  So many things need to be restarted and then we also had to buy groceries so we could eat!  My first stop Monday morning was to Van’s Golf Shop for some much needed supplies and a stop at Chico’s for two tee’s I had on hold AND then on to See’s for my box of Peanut Brittle.

Ruth was busy with the gas, the A/C and cable guys getting each of the ON switches enabled.  After making a list, and it was long, we decided to hit up Highway 101 and go to Costco to break the bank.  We were loookimg forward to getting the Chicken Soup (ready to eat) and of course Lamb shanks and Steelhead trout. The refrigerator and freezer are full.

One stop we made was to a the US version of “Home Sense” called “Home Goods” for a soft pillow for me.  WOWZIE I have never seen anything like this before. This is a huge store with rows and rows and rows of goods packed high to the ceiling and Christmas decorations crafts, pots and pans everywhere.  A 30”x 30” box Monopoly set for $99. How awesome this would have been when we or our kids were small?

Home for a delicious meal and to bed early for an 8:30 golf tee time.

Sun City Country Club looking backfrom the 10th Tee Box

Now this wasn’t just your ordinary tee time.  This was a the first of the fall season regular Tuesday Morning Ladies League at the Sun City Country Club.

Ruth is a member of this league and we played with Linda and Sharon today.

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day with the sun shining all day long and not a breath of wind.  The practice green was extremely slow but I was sure with the sun the greens would be faster. No such luck.  The 18th green we putted on was still very SLOW.  The golf course is in excellent condition with only the exception that the tee boxes were a bit overdue for being cut.

Maureen, Linda, Sharon and Ruth

The two ladies we golfed with were fun to play with and also happy to be out golfing on such a nice day.None of us played up to our potential so I am sure we won’t be seeing our names in the winners results. We stopped after golf and visited with the ladies for a awhile and told/heard the usual stories.  “Are you snowbirds?  When did you get down here?  Are you here for the whole winter?All in all it was a super fine day.  

More golf Thursday.

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