The first time I walked into a Chico’s store I was very impressed by the abundance of clothes geared to the working or sporty gal with a line of “Travelers” for anyone wanting non-wrinkle attire.  Clothes that were well made but reasonably priced and classy, smart looking.

Maureen Lesley Loomis is the Manager of Chico’s on Northern Ave, Peoria, AZ

Of course I was dumb founded by their sizing ranging from 0 to 2.  Since that time they have carried a line of Petites and also sizes 3 and 4.  I soon found out I was mainly a size 2 and sometimes a 1.5. Today they have made sizing more conforming to the world of fashion with both a 2 and a 12 on the paper label as the same size.

Maureen Lesley with Leslie Maureen

I am not certain of the year I discovered Chico’s but they had some fantastic fabrics back then.  Fabric that was as versatile as polyester but had a feel of light cotton. Wash and wear. I was and still am an avid fan of Chico’s.

Back in 2012 there were two main stores in Las Vegas as well as a store in the “Outlets” just off West Charleston Blvd..  I do believe the clothes in the outlet store were made especially for those stores.

Navy and white sweater reverses to Navy

Chico’s have a different take on marketing in that very few items stay at “regular” price for long.  Once you buy something in their stores you have a Chico’s “Passport” which after any sales deduction you will get a 5% saving. Everything in the store may be on sale for 25% off on any given day, or it might be even 40% off everything.  Maybe the sale is on denim one week or dresses.  End of season sales quite often are 30 or 40 % off the already discounted price. And if it goes on sale just after you bought it regular price you just need to bring in your receipt and they will credit you the difference.

Sweater reverses to Navy

I have been to stores in Missouri, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, California and have never, never, never had a pushy salesperson in any one of Chico’s stores.

Funky patchwork jeans for fun and So Slimming jeans in Indigo

They, of course, sell online and will send you an email every Monday with the latest styles and sales.

Dressy white sweater with pearls

This is Chico’s story

Chico’s was founded in 1983 as a small boutique selling Mexican folk art on Sanibel Island in Florida. Then one day, our founders discovered the sweater that made literally everyone look fabulous, pivoted the business, and retail was never the same. The rich colors, bold prints, unique artisanal details, problem-solving styles, and amazing personal stylists made a lasting connection with customers. Now there are over 600 Chico’s boutiques nationwide, international (franchise) partners, a monthly mailer, and round-the-clock shopping at and at

From the beginning, we’ve believed in the power of originality—that what’s different makes us bold. And we design with this philosophy in mind. For every piece we create, we ask how it will be unique, inspire women to feel good (no matter their age), and help them express their personality and individuality with confidence.

We Live For Uncommon Style 
Inspired by the world around us—and the bold women who live in it—our prints, colors, jewelry and details are designed to be original.

We’re Always Here For You 
When you shop at a Chico’s boutique, you have your own personal stylist (along with her outfitting expertise) and it’s complimentary.

We Figure It Out (So You Don’t Have To) 
From machine-washable styles, reversible pieces and no-iron shirts to body-enhancing technology and fits that really flatter—we’re obsessed with figuring out solutions to make life easier.

Yes, We Have Your Size! 
From Chico’s sizes 000-4 (U.S. sizes 0-20), Petites and Tall, there’s a size for just about every body.

Glittering glass necklace for the holiday season

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