A cold night and ice cream

Is it ever too cold for ice cream? It is -20°C here in Calgary today: I would venture to say that is too cold to eat ice cream outside. However, with the fireplace keeping me toasty warm, inside is the perfect place.

Now there are fancy crystal bowls, large pottery bowls and even square bowls that may be choices for others to use. But they’re not not me.

A white bowl is what I like the best.

My choice of bowl is always white. The one I’ve selected is a white Corelle cereal bowl. It’s the same style of bowl I use for my Shreddies breakfast cereal every morning.

You might find a variety of different brands of ice cream in my freezer.  Today I’ve pulled out the Breyers Creamery Style Natural Vanilla.

Sometimes I’ll buy Creme Brûlée and, even though my favourite ice cream cone as a child was Maple Walnut, I don’t, as a rule, buy that flavour in the large container.

Scoops for serving ice cream have been a challenge for me over the years.  I have tried many but I finally found the one I like.  I found this one, a Good Cook brand, at  The Kitchen Collection in St. George, Utah about  10 years ago. I love it.

This scoop sits open and you MUST close the handles and then scoop the ice cream. Hold the handles closed and open them when you have the ice cream — right above the bowl. Easy-peasy.

Now I have been a lover of ice cream for many, many years and as a child I remember clearly how wonderful it was to make our own on the farm. Usually it would be on a hot summer day that my Mom would get out the ice cream maker and mix up the ingredients that would become ice cream. We milked our own cows and they produced excellent, rich, cream. I remember the ice cream maker — and although it wasn’t used often, it had that well worn look. My guess it was because it was wooden and to make the ice cream it was surrounded with water and ice in the making.

The ice was chipped from a block in our ice house.

The process of churning the ice cream maker could take time.  Sometimes a lot of time and churning and churning to actually make ICE CREAM!  Was it worth the effort? YOU BET IT WAS. I have never had such tasty, mouth watering ice cream since. And that was true until I was visiting my daughter Lisa and her husband Gordon in San Diego, CA in October.

Humbolt Creamery makes Organic ice cream in Humbolt, California.  

It is the best Vanilla ice cream I have ever, ever tasted. And it is not surprising when you read the story of the effort they put into the production of ALL their products. When you are in the USA, look for it, buy it and try it  — and I think you will agree that it is the BEST.



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  1. Susan Hedges

    Lol Aunt Maureen. You just gave me back a memory of my my Mom. Her favorite ice cream was also Maple Walnut. Maybe it was a Stone girl thing. Thanks!

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