Saying good bye to San Diego

It is time to say good bye and I am sad to leave but I will be back!  There is only so much you can cram into ten days!

Life is busy at the Gordon/Lisa home.  The day starts around 5:00 a.m. with  Gordon and Ian up and about.  They leave the house around 6:30 a.m. to take Ian to school and Gordon then takes off for work. If Lisa is going downtown Gordon will take her to the express bus before that and come back for Ian!  ELizabeth is up around 7:00 a.m. To catch the school bus at 7:45 a.m.

Busy, busy, busy.  That’s life here.

I think there is usually a project on the go here not unlike a lot of homes.  The grass is gone from the yard. There may be some grass in the future but there will be more of a Xeriscape Style yard. The average rainfall per year here is 10 inches but Elizabeth said she could remember it raining only once last year! There are so many choices of plants and shrubs that need little water and thrive beautifully.

Their home is a very short distance from Interstae 15 and noise from the traffic is a problem. There have been changes to this interstate with high barricades on the sides and dividers making HOV lanes. This has pushed the noise up and over the homes below into their yard. The huge trees with shrubs touching the ground do NOTHING to dull the noise.  So soundproofing fencing is likely in the future.

But right now Gordon has leveled a portion of the yard to erect a Pergola –  Work, Dad, work.

Lisa was able to work from home a few days while I was there and that certainly was a plus for us. The commute into downtown adds at least an hour to her work day. The vacation days she took were special as we had time to do things and go places by ourselves. You know how I love shopping and Nordstroms and See’s Candies are always glad to see me!

Excellent seafood

We joined the children’s Grandparents, Bill and Margaret for dinner at Brigantine’s one evening.  Exceptionally good seafood.  Everyone enjoyed their meal and dessert was served to Ian and myself for our October Birthdays. We came back to the house for a Naniamo Bar treat  after dinner.

Great buffet

The last evening I was in San Diego we went to one of the family’s favorite spots for dinner. It is a chain restaurant in California called Souplantation.  Cool name for a buffet that serves soup, salad, pasta and dessert.  Excellent soups and salads,  I tried the blue cheese potato salad and it was so good! Of course it is time for pumpkin in the USA (with Halloween the end of the month) and the Pumpkin Crisp was tasty as well.

Bye for now……






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