The Blinds

I have an up and down relationship with my blinds. You could say the only time I leave them alone is at night when I am sleeping and they are down.  But sure as the wind blows in Southern Alberta, the first thing in the morning, even before I make coffee, I am at them again. Up, up, up, they go.  Sometimes before there is daylight I put them up, first the left side, then the right side and then the middle.  Then the ones on the door to the balcony.

Let me tell you about these blinds. The  blinds are all the same color. I suppose the color is called maple. They are the same color as the kitchen cupboards and bathroom vanities. There are three winudows with blinds in the living room. There is also one set on the door to the balcony and the blinds are attached to the top and bottom of the glass. The blinds on the door really rattle in the wind if the door is open. Eerie, very eerie.

The three windows also have pull down cellular blinds so I am actually pulling two blinds down and up on every window!

Sunshine at 10:00 a.m.- start the blinds down!

Horizontal blinds and cellular blinds

As soon as the sun comes over the condos to the left of where I am  I need to pull the blinds down. The heat from the sun can penetrate through the windows and by ten o’clock it may already be 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes the blinds are down until the sun sets.

I do like the southern exposure of this condo. I have seven windows facing south and blinds on all. I love the sun but I have two air conditioners in addition to the blinds to keep the temperature livable. Calgary averages “some bright sunshine” 333 days out of a year! It is the sunniest large city in all of Canada. Winnipeg, Edmonton and Regina are close behind.

It is getting dark. Time to pull the blinds down.

It is truly an up and down scenario without these blinds. One minute it can be raining or snowing and the next minute the sun is pouring in the windows.

It reminds me of the story of the lady who was renting a condo and management told her a blind man was coming to her place with a delivery that day. She got out of the shower just as her doorbell rang.  She thought what the heck I don’t need to put any clothes on because after all it is a blind man doing the delivery.

She opened the door and the delivery man said, “Nice tits lady, where do you want the blinds?”



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