Deloitte’s, Computers and Farm Light and Power

Computerized accounting was coming…..

Maureen at her desk at Deloitte's

Maureen at her desk at Deloitte’s

Deloitte’s  was a stepping stone to great accounting positions for me. At that time the first computerized accounting was being implemented, albeit the data was sent to the Head Office in Toronto and the complete reports of General Ledger, Balance Sheets and Income Statements with all input data was printed and then sent back to our office. How cool was that?  I loved small business accounting.

Oh those end of the tax season (April 30) parties!

Before long I bought my first computer, printer and Accpac accounting software. Now I could do all my own accounting and print the reports. This also enabled me to have clients of my own.

My first assignment at Deloitte’s was to collect data for processing from a client was at Bradley Publications Ltd. Bill Bradley was a gem of a man. One who over the years when he was first in the publication business would make sure his staff was paid even if he couldn’t afford to pay himself. Bill had made an arrangement with four power companies to send his newspaper, printed 10 times a year to all their customers. This started when electrification was beginning in western Canada about the 1950’s.

Maureen and Tom at Farm Light and Power

Maureen and Tom at Farm Light and Power

Soon Bill was in the process of selling the business to his son Tom Bradley and the company became known as Farm Light and Power Publications Ltd. (FLP) The newspaper was called Farm Light and Power. I worked for Tom the next 15 years.

I had worked with Thomas Pavlovsky at DH&S and he became Tom’s business and personal Chartered Accountant. Of course we had computerized accounting systems and final statements were prepared for Thomas to do the final entries and tax calculations.



Time to take the dog for a walk

Tom was happy letting the staff do their part in getting the paper published ten times a year. Tom would often take Calli for a walk! Calli, an American Lab, was well trained and came to the office every day. It was an exciting and fun place to work. I know I wasn’t the only one happy to come to work every day. Over the years Bill liked to drop into office once in awhile and was keen to bring in a Black Forest Cake when a birthday was on the calendar.

The newspaper ceased publication in 1995 and the staff has gone their separate ways. However lasting friendships were made and to this day some of us talk or text on a regular basis.





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