Accounting jobs – to stay or not to stay

One of the jobs I had was for an older gentleman that managed Saskatchewan farm land that was owned by foreign investors/companies from all over the world. He arranged renters for these land owners and was the middle man between them and the renters. Of course there was a fee for every transaction!  I found this work to be very complex and interesting. One day I was working in my office at 2:00 p.m., after I had been gone for an hour from 12:00 noon till 1:00 p.m. for lunch. I don’t know if he had fallen asleep at his desk or what had happened to him. He insisted that I had just come back from lunch. I said, “No way, I’ve been working right here for an hour”. This argument was going nowhere so I finally said I was out of there and packed up my things and left. For good.

Another job I had was doing accounting for a development company. I was working half days, afternoons. There was only three of us in the office.  The lady who was hired as the secretary had been out of the work force since she got married and had kids. The kids were in school now and she had taken a night class in word processing and got the secretary job. She was having a difficult time trying to adjust to working with a computer and not a typewriter. I had noticed that our boss was not at all helpful and was giving her a bad time as she struggled. One day I came in at 1:00 p.m. to find her in tears, sobbing  so hard she was shaking.

I told her that I will not sit by and watch him treat you this way. You don’t deserve this and you will find a better job. Then I said, ” We’re out of here. We will just leave our keys on his desk. Don’t you worry I am sure he will phone me.”

Of course he phoned me that evening and he said he thought I had more class than to walk out in him like I did.

I said I did it because I have class!

One Chartered Accounting firm I worked for was EJC Dudley and Co.  and it was a great place to work.  I just worked for them during March and April one year.  It was such a fun place to work. It was tax season and we were up to our ears in Personal Tax preparation.  The Blue Revnue Canada forms had just come out and had to be used. What a challenge this was with the printers in those days…sheets jammed…do it over…..repeat!  We worked hard but our boss brought in dinner for us many nights as we burned the midnight oil.

I remember many times when I walked in to work in the morning how  the office smelled of pizza from the night before!


One of the holes at the Hillcrest Golf Club in Moose Jaw

One of the holes at the Hillcrest Golf Club in Moose Jaw

I worked every day in April that year with the exception of one day. None of the golf courses in Regina were open yet but the Hillcrest Golf Club in Moose Jaw, SK was open.   My friend June Hudyma called to see if I could go golfing to Moose Jaw so I took that day off and we went and played 18 holes. The ground was pretty hard but we were so happy just to be out golfing after a long winter.

Soon Tor Hill Golf Club, our home course, would be open!



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