The Shopping Gene

Kate Spade sunglasses

Kate Spade sunglasses

Many say they are not shoppers. Some even get upset the suggestion that they’re a part of that group. Not me. No, I’ve never been embarrassed or hid the fact that I like to shop! In fact, I’m pretty sure that when I was conceived, I was blessed with a hyperactive shopping gene. And although the purchases I make aren’t as often as they used to be, the thrill of the hunt is still there!

Of course, these days shopping isn’t just a women’s thing, and if I think about it, it wasn’t when I was younger either. I’ve had men in my life who have been shoppers too, but perhaps context to the kind of shopping they did needs to be added. Yes, they may not like putzing around in shopping malls, like I do, but they are known to obsess over special items. Their shopping lists may not include shoes, glorious shoes, or even be all that long, but they may contain items like cars, trucks, boats, planes, wrenches, stereo systems and, in my family, Austin Minis.

Beaver Lumber, now Home Hardware

Beaver Lumber, now Home Hardware

In fact, I knew a couple of men who had auction addictions SO BAD they couldn’t stop themselves from going to an auction if their lives depended on it. I know of others who love the bargains that can be found at a garage sale much more than at a big shiny shopping mall. Others have a DIY addiction and need at least one trip to the Beaver Lumber on any given weekend. Remember that store? (It’s was owned by the Molsons and later purchased by Home Hardware).

Whats on your shopping list?

For some people “going shopping” for a loaf of bread or a jug of milk is dreaded and basically a pain in the butt. But for me to go shopping is fun and even the shortest trip to the corner convenience store is an adventure.

When I was growing up it was my Dad that did the grocery shopping.  The general store in Strongfield, Saskatchewan was owned and operated by the Hutchinson family with the father A.T. opening the store in 1913.  I have very few memories of being in the store: a hand full of times with my Dad and only once with my Mom.

The one time I was in the store with my Mom she bought some cotton print material and flannelette undoubtedly to make a quilt for a lucky member of the family.  I remember the corner of the store where there was spools of thread, some sheets and pillowcases as well as the sewing materials.  The floor of the store was wooden and I do believe it was oiled and it creaked when you walked on it.  I remember once being in the store with my Dad and he bought a large round of cheddar cheese.  I’ll never forget the thrill and excitement in the fall each year when my Dad brought home from town with the BOX of B.C. Mackintosh apples.  Oh, how delicious those big red apples were back in the 1940’s and 1950’s.  They don’t grow the Mackintosh apples that big anymore or do they just keep the big, juicy ones in B.C.?  One box was never enough for our family and the second box lasted well into the winter.

I remember going with my Mom and Dad to Outlook, Saskatchewan shopping.  I was about 12 years old and I begged my Mom to buy me a purse.  It was black, it was round and about 8″ in diameter and 5″ high with a zipper on one side.  When I got it home I realized just,how ugly it was and there was no way that I would ever use it.  Every time I saw it I felt so guilty that I talked my Mom into buying it for me.

Dexim outfit

Dexim outfit

I have always ways loved to go shopping.  The adrenilen rush when I walked into Bloomingdale’s in New York City in 2012 was no different than walking into Eaton’s on Broad Street in Regina in 1960.  It doesn’t matter if I have found a Joseph Ribkoff dress or a Dexim golf skort and top, the thrill of shopping is the same.  The welcome I get walking in to Chico’s in St. George, Utah is the best welcome anywhere!  A new car,

1965 Dodge

1965 Dodge

like the 1965 Dodge Doc and I picked up brand new from the factory in Ontario, a new All Clad frying pan, or even needing a new paring knife can turn into a fun, exciting shopping trip for me.

Yesterday, I shopped for a new hair colour and style at Curious Hair Salon and today I shopped for a completely new face:  day cream, night cream,anti-aging serum, foundation, SPF moisture cream, blush, concealer, and lipstick with Estée Lauder who give you 15% off your first order when you sign up with them online! What a great deal!

How much fun was that???


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  1. Elsie

    I’m with you. I love poking around in Thrift Stores and have had some real finds through the years. I am still living in the house that the family grew up in and am now downsizing. I have packed up numerous boxes of things I no longer ” just love ” and I take them to the Salvation Army Thrift Store so that other browsers like me can find my cast off “treasures”. I so enjoy your blog and it often reminds me of things that happened in my country childhood. Those really were the good days. E

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