Waiting for the Books

On Saturday morning , November 21st, I put the order IntoRealPages.com to have my 162 page book printed.  The book will be all of 78mph.com from the first blog to the 78th blog.

On Wednesday,  November 25th, I had an email from them.

“Guess what? Your books are printed and on their way to your home. With the “Time Definite” worldwide express service of DHL, you are able to track its every move.”

Can you just imagine how excited I am to see now that the clearing process has been completed in the sort facility of Canada Customs at Southern Alberta, Canada, just minutes ago?

Well, I am. And it got me thinking. What comes with books? Book signings, of course! YIKES!

Book Signing

Since I have never planned a “Book Signing” before I don’t know what to do.  Do I go to my favourite salon to get my hair coloured, have my nails shellacked, and a facial?  What to wear:  will it be classy Joseph Ribkoff?  or casual Chico’s? or maybe even jeans and a sweater?

What to do about advertising?  Just post it on Facebook and ask my contacts to repost?  Buy a page in the Calgary Herald and the Leader Post?

So many questions!

And what would I do about the crowds?  Will I need to hire security?  Do we serve wine or tea?  So many things to think about while I WAIT for the delivery. I certainly have to stay at home and stay off my phone as the delivery person has to call me to come to the entrance of the condo complex to sign for my package.

Maybe I should make a meatloaf while I wait or maybe bake some cookies.  Oh I am so excited I would probably have trouble following the recipe! I think I couldn’t be more excited if Ellen Degeneres herself called me to talk about road tripping as an 81-year old.


I’ve got to sign off, now and make sure I have enough ink in my pen! TTYL!



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