The Books Arrived!

The post I wrote “Waiting for the Books” was all in fun.  Actually I ordered only TWO books because I wanted to make sure I liked everything about the finished product. The books arrived, and I love them.

The books arrived Friday evening just after 6:00 p.m. and, finally, the wait was over!  I am so happy with the books that I am tickled pink!  From the front cover to the back cover (both are in red) they are perfect.  The pages are glossy and the black print is easy to read.  And the pictures are  exactly like they were portrayed in the blogs.

Happy, happy, happy.

IntoRealPages did a fantastic job.  Thanks so much to Colleen for organizing everything for me all along the way, from WordPress to IntoRealPages.image

What’s Next?

I’ve been thinking. As winter is upon us for several months and since I won’t be golfing south until March, 2016, I plan to devote the time to writing stories about my family’s life.  My mother and father were both born in Sweden: their travels, first to the USA and then to Canada will not only be interesting, but heartwarming as well.  Then comes my stories.

I also want to put a call out to family and friends to please contribute. Send me any stories you can remember of your association with me and my family.  Don’t worry about your writing talents as Colleen can edit pretty much anything and can make the story special.  You can do this by simply adding your story into an email or into the comment section at the bottom of any of my posts.

Now that I have seen the “finished product”, I know that I want to continue with stories from the past 100 years and get these stories in print.

Hang on, the next ride is starting now!


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