• A GREAT day for golf!

    A GREAT day for golf!

    Maureen O’Shea at Torrey Pines

The word “cancer” is not a word you want to hear. Since 1952 I have known there was a history of cancer in our family. Being aware means being active in preventing cancer from developing. Make sure you and your family know and act to keep cancer out of your life.

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Sometimes you get bumped off a golf course for one of a variety of reasons. This was first time for me the lack of golf cars was the issue – in an area where most of the golfers are seniors! Fate would have it that the course we played enabled me to make a record of only 24 putts.

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Canadians are in love with Brooke Henderson and come out in droves to watch her golf. Ruth and I too went to see her golf in Phoenix and were not disappointed! And to top it off I met Nancy Lopez!

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