Blogger Of The Month – March 2019

To my surprise last month I had an email from Into Real Pages. Read on.

Since that time my book “The Swedish Pioneers” has been printed. I’m putting together the next book to be printed about the O’Shea family and my 28 years with Doc.

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  1. Susan Edmond

    Dear Maureen, Congratulations on your book”The Swedish Pioneers”!
    I enjoyed very much being part of
    78mph by blogging w/ my best friend Kate in “Blinded by Love” (2 posts to ur blog) This was meant to help other women who find themselves in abusive/exploitive relationships and to allow me some closure by seeing my stories in black and white.
    Thank you Maureen for doing this blog and opening up conversations that are so important. Kudos- we are never done w/ growing/changing in this world- u r proof of this fact❤️??

  2. From Kate Wood
    What a journey, in more ways than one… and still many more miles, smiles and words ahead. Cheers to you, Auntie Mo!

    From Marcia Grunerud
    Way to go Aunt Mo

    From Norine Schmalz

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