The Three Wine Men

Not to be confused with the famous “Wise Men” were the three “Wine Men” I met today. Tom, Dick and Harry were the guys I joined on the golf course for 18 holes. Every Thursday afternoon you could find them playing golf at a golf course near you. They love to golf different courses so that a lot of people can join them for a fun experience like no other.

Upon meeting them at the first tee I asked them to watch my ball as I still have trouble seeing it land. For sure they all said they would watch. They were truly very helpful and after my drives they would make sure I knew where the ball landed.

To say these three are not serious golfers is an understatement. They are out for fun and every once in awhile one of them will actually pull off a golf shot. One time the ball really did end up within two feet of the pin. Automatic gimmie.

Trees and water seemed to be drawing their golf ball. The “boing, boing” of the sound of the ball hitting the trees was reverberating through the forest. The splash of the ball in the water was frequently heard. There was no swearing or throwing of clubs just a bit of gnashing of the teeth. They were out for a good time and the golf game was secondary.

On the Par Five Hole on the back nine Dick asked me why it was that I didn’t play in the trees like they did. I said it was much easier to find my ball on the fairway than in the trees. He laughed. Tom and Harry were also in the trees on that hole and with all that time spent looking for balls, the twosome behind us asked if we would let them play through. Of course we did.

What’s In Your Golf Cart?

On the next hole all three of them hit their drives and I went to the forward tees to hit my ball. I had a great drive down to the 150 marker and I waited for them to catch up. Neither of their carts were coming. Nothing was moving. NADA. I waited for at least five minutes. They finally came to join me and announced it was “wine time” and would I like a glass. They proudly announced they did have a spare glass. I refused, saying my game would really go south if I tried to drink and drive the golf ball.

Red wine

We had a little wager on the Seventh Hole short Par Three. But as luck would have it, nobody put their ball on the green. Wager cancelled till next round.

On the par Five Eighth Hole on the back nine I was about 50 yards from the green into a strong cold wind. I hit my sand wedge to 13” from the pin. Easy Par and my shot of the day.

It is early in the spring to expect great golf. I do, however, meet some of the most interesting people when I go to a course as a walk on. The three wine men I met today made for a most intriguing afternoon.

I’ll see them again next Thursday….just kidding.

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