About Maureen O’Shea and 78 MPH

picture of Ruth and Maureen

Ruth and Maureen at Lake Louise, Alberta

My name is Leslie Maureen O’Shea. Most people know me as Maureen, or “Mo” but I’m often called by my first name, Leslie – especially at golf courses – and by my niece, Deborah.

I’m 80-something and an active senior. In June, 2015 I was going to Ontario to visit my friend and neighbour, Ruth in Sauble Beach. I was flying to Toronto where Ruth would pick me up and after a week or so of getting the cabin in order to get it sold, we would drive back to Calgary, through the States, playing at different golf courses as we made our way back. I was going to keep a diary and was figuring out the best way to do it on my iPad when one of my daughters, Colleen, suggested that I start a blog instead.

Well, I didn’t know anything about blogging but I like writing, so together we started 78mph.com. That two-week road trip turned into 30-days of fun, and the blog began to blossom, with over 4,000 readers in the first five weeks.

And turns out that the more people I meet, the more I want to promote the #active in #ActiveSenior. I want to tell stories, but also encourage seniors to get off the couch and try things.

I’m sure you’re wondering why this site’s called 78 mph! That’s because 78 mph is usually the setting on the cruise control whenever we’re going somewhere in the USA. And now that I’m 80, I started thinking more and more about age and I’m convinced that 78 is the new 65.

78 mph – not only is it a rather cool name, it was a dot com that was available!

Come along and enjoy the ride with me!

Leslie Maureen O’Shea

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