A Word from the Publisher

As we all know, families are sometimes difficult, and always fragile. There are broken relationships that my mom would rather not talk about and I respect her decision, because they are too painful. My mother, if you know her at all, would know she is quite determined. She’s been telling us, her kids, for at least two decades that she’s not about to change her ways any time soon, and I believe her.

All my cousins know that not all was perfect in our families or between our families. We know of family feuds even if we may have, long ago, forgotten why they began. We know of bad choices, close calls, secrets and scandals.

With my mom’s blog, we want to share stories and pictures that you will be proud to share with your children. That’s not where it ends: we would like you to get involved and submit stories of your own if you have some to tell. Our lives run at too fast a pace, and next thing you know, you’ll be like my mom, with only two of her siblings left, and a scattering of diaries and letters and photographs to help tell the stories. We’re losing that history, the good days. Their footprint is fading fast, and this may be the only way you will have to know a bit more of where half of you came from. As I learn more, I am more and more impressed with the hard working, fun loving people Peter and Thea and their children were, so well dressed despite having so little money, a family of kids who were loved by their parents throughout a hard era of Canadian history, including the Great Depression and the 2nd World War.

We will finish The Swedish Pioneers by the end of February, and once that’s done, we will compile all the stories into a book. If you’re interested in a book for your family, the cost will be around $60.00 and if you’re interested in having a book or two, let us know by sending a comment. My mom’s first book, on Golf and Road Trips, is beautiful, and she was so impressed with it, decided to start on the family history.

Thanks for reading. I miss you all.

Colleen O’Shea
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

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