Dick Hiler – the ultimate golf car guy

There are golf car guys and then there was Dick. He was not just the manager of the golf car storage and recharging stations but the welcoming committee all on his own. From the first day I golfed at Sky Mountain Golf Course I loved Dick.

Now I know I was special but let’s say that he had a way of treating everyone special. I’m sure he didn’t forget one single returning golfer that played at the course. He didn’t hang around the Pro Shop but down below was his territory. You could hear him down by the putting green chatting “hello’s” to every Tom, Dick,Harry and Mary that arrived.

As for me, Dick knew I liked a fast golf car and not all golf cars are fast.

I think it was the second year we played there that Dick said, “Mo, I’ll have Cart #24 at the side of the garage door for you. I’ll check the Tee Sheet and if you are playing that cart will be there for you. For at least 10 years I had the special treatment. Dick would say, “Mo, you are spoiled” and laugh.

One day when I went to get the golf car it wasn’t there and no sign of Dick. I took the closest golf car and we golfed. We were on the 5th Tee box and we saw the Marshall driving up with Cart #24. Apparently he was new and hadn’t heard that #24 was reserved for me! Dick had been at the dentist and when he came back he saw the Marshall was driving #24. The Marshall said to us that Dick told him under NO circumstances was he to take #24 when I was playing. How much fun for me.

I miss Sky Mountain and I will certainly miss having Dick there to spoil me when I return.

R.I.P. Dick Hiler

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