Can You Hear Me Now?

It isn’t just me that has a hearing problems. But I am not kidding anyone, there are many of us, seniors, that don’t hear as well as we used to. My hearing loss is mainly in my right ear and it has been a problem for many decades. I can remember when I realized that I could hear much better on the phone when I used my left ear. That was way back in the 1990’s.

Young people in their 40’s may have hearing problems as well.

There are many, many hearing aid companies and prices ranging from low to very high. New technology is coming out every year. I found a company that is owned by a young woman who had been the technician when the previous owners retired. Academy Hearing has the best service and you are dealing with just her!


I have had several hearing tests over the years and my left ear is just below normal and my right ear is deaf. I now have a Phonak hearing aid in my left ear and a microphone in my right ear. The mic is the same size and shape as the hearing aid. It collects the sound and transfers it to the hearing aid on the right.

“Hearing is regarded as something we naturally do. The ability to hear is such an intricate part of our existence and fundamental overall well being.” Phonak.


No more batteries, charge at night

However, the problem with or without hearing “aids” when you have any hearing loss lies in educating the people you associate with!

You may ask them to look at you when they are speaking and usually they do, momentarily. Then they look away: out the window, at the dog, back at their cel phone, almost anywhere you can imagine. If they do look at you when they speak you automatically read their lips or at least try to do this. That does help, most of the time.

I would say that looking at a person when speaking to them is the most important thing to do for the hearing impaired. Many older people as their own hearing declines have a tendency to speak softly. I don’t know why, perhaps the sound of their own speech seems loud to them. Then it is almost impossible to hear them. No need to yell, just speak clearly.


Don’t kid yourself, as you get older your hearing needs to be tested. It is no different than testing your eyes and wearing hearing aids isn’t any different than wearing glasses. Teach your kids how to talk to their Grammo (me), Grandparents, and anyone with a hearing loss, to look at the person when speaking to them.

Hopefully I can hear you now.

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