COVID-19 Vaccination

On February 24, 2021 I was able to make an appointment for my first dose of vaccine to protect me from COVID-19 and I have been waiting. It is now March 5 and I have been marking off the days on my calendar and counting sleeps.

The day has arrived now and I am so excited. Excited is likely not the superlative that really emphasizes the extent of my anticipation!

Bridget called to say that she would pick me up at 10:30 a.m. for my appointment at 10:50 a.m. at the old Children’s Hospital on 17th Avenue SW in Calgary. We arrived there at 10.40 a.m., carefully avoiding the “boys in blue” speed trap on Glenmore Trail. As per instructions by AHS we waited five minutes so as to NOT be early and then Bridget walked with me to the Main Entrance of the building. A new mask was given to me to replace my mask and I was directed down two hallways to the entrance of the COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic. In less than two minutes I was sitting at station #3 with a beautiful young nurse who entered my AHS information into a laptop computer. A couple of questions regarding any allergies I might have and what medications I was taking and she filled a needle with Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. With a small pinch of the skin on my left arm she poked that little needle into my arm and BINGO my vaccination was a success. A small band aid was applied and I was told to sit and wait in a designated area for 15 minutes and then I could leave. I was not the least bit apprehensive about having the vaccine. i have had a few vaccine’s in my life. One that I have every year is the Flu vaccine and I have never had any issues with this or any other. A bit of pain in the arm but that is all.

One that I have every year is the Flu vaccine and I have never had any issues with this or any other. A bit of pain in the arm but that is all.

I left the building as per exiting instructions and met Bridget near the Main Entrance and we walked to her vehicle. I was almost seated when I said, “Bridget, I have to do my happy dance”. “Oh, you want to do a video” said Bridget. So we did that!

Bridget wrote this while she was waiting for me to get vaccinated.

”I’ve kept my mom locked up for months. Thankfully, she had a full season of golf in 2020 after I snatched her away from her vacation in Phoenix in March. She has followed the rules. Stayed away from people. Very little outings, only to the Doctors and pharmacy. And finally today she gets her freedom back. She is getting her vaccine as I post this and in a few weeks she can go get groceries and other public things again. I know we are all tired of this pandemic but man, for a senior who is physically and mentally healthy this has got to have been the pits. Maureen O’Shea has kept her spirits high and she is pretty happy with her vaccine.”

I strongly insist that YOU get the vaccine. Any one of the COVID-19 vaccines available in Canada are good vaccines and have proven to keep you out of the hospital and avoid death.

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