A Health Legacy For Your Kids

Our health is a product of genetics and lifestyle choices — both affect the quality of our health and the quantity of our life years. If hereditary or health conditions or risks are a concern, then that is all the more reason to offset it with healthy lifestyle choices. This is something many of us haven’t even thought about and that is leaving your kids a HEALTH HISTORY of yourself and/or husband/wife. There are many health issues that may be hereditary and some may be just the result of what you put into your mouth!

My oldest sister, Verna, was only 35 when she died of breast cancer. My Mom was only 17 years old when her Mother died. In those days there was so much secrecy about the cause of death. But my Mom was sure it had something to do with one of her Mom’s breasts. Later she realized this was CANCER. Another daughter, Edna, also died of cancer when she was 54 years old. I made sure this HISTORY was in my Doctor’s records and regular mammograms were automatic. And I made sure my kids all know about cancer in my family.

Medical records

Did you have your tonsils and adenoids out? Do you still have your Appendix? Have you been inoculated for pneumonia, shingles and the flu? Did you have inoculations for measles, chicken pox and made sure your children have had those as wel

How long did your parents live and what caused their death?

My Mom and Dad

I remember my Dad had a stroke at 70 and how long he lived after that. And I remember when my Mom died at 93. But what did we inherit health wise from each of these people. Write it down.

For instance, one of the things of note in my history was actually regarding my husband Doc. He NEVER had a cold, not even a runny nose.

I think it is important to have a good relationship with a General Practitioner. You may not NEED an Annual Checkup until you start buying travel insurance. However with a history of Cancer in the family I have had a regular doctor most of my adult life. For sure as a woman you should start having Mammograms when you turn 50. Take good care of your teeth. If you do you can have your teeth until you die. AND make your bedroom an inviting place you look forward to at the end of the day. Replace your old bed! We know you replace other items! A bed that is the most comfortable for you tends to make for a good nights sleep. Buy good sheets and bedding YOU like. As much as I love mornings, there are days my bed feels too good to leave! Sleep is important for good health.

Leave you kids a good example of healthy eating, regular exercising, practicing moderation in alcohol consumption, and above all POSITIVE THINKING. Also a curious mind of world, country, province and city makes for knowledgeable decisions on how you live your life and how you contribute to society as a whole.

Write your health history down from as far back as you can remember and send it to each one of your kids.

Now as far as advice on anything else I’m going to quote a few bits and pieces I received from my Mom and some from me as well.

  • Don’t gossip. What someone tells you may or may not be true. Unless you were in attendance of an event you don’t know what really happened.
  • Don’t think you are better than anyone but always think you are just as good.
  • Don’t brag about yourself or your children. You never know what will happen in the future.
  • Don’t be afraid to compliment others, even strangers. Sometimes people are going through a rough time and speaking to them might just help them make it through the day!
  • Invite your grandkids who live near you to come to your place one Saturday early in December. You can do any number of things together (and you can pretend you need their help) like decorating your home for Christmas, making cookies, baking buns or whatever. It’s a great time to get to know them with when their parents are not present.
  • Always say PLEASE and THANK YOU. It’s the Canadian way.

Birdie on the Par 5 at Copper Point Golf Club. Golfing 85 the day before my 86 Birthday. You too can golf your age or better if you stay fit.

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  1. gayle dunsmoor

    Hello Maureen,
    Enjoyed your good advise. Your post are always interesting and helpful.

    All the best in 2021!

    • Thanks Gayle for your kind words. I hope you have stayed safe over these trying times of the pandemic. It is hard to find things to do with so many hours to put in at home. I’ve done a lot of shredding….just always trying to figure out what to keep and what to throw away.

      Stay home. Stay safe in 2021.

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