The Copper Point Golf Course has never been in my “Top Five” all time courses played but there is something about this course that makes me love, love, love it. There is a comfort level on the first tee that somehow says, “Welcome Maureen, play your best”. It almost feels like my home course of Tor Hill in Regina.

I like to like the first hole on a golf course. Many courses, including #1 Hole at Tor Hill in Regina have a mid to difficult Par 5 for starters. Trees on the left at the dog-leg and a large bunker across from the dog-leg on the right. Where to aim your first shot? Between the two I just described? Well yes. Not that easy, especially for someone who fades the ball.

Copper Point #1 is set in a valley with a bunker at the 150 heard marker. With a decent drive, aimed down the left side will go way past the 150 yard marker and be in a great position for a short iron to the hole. The green slopes dramatically to the left, especially over the green side bunker. However a ball landing on the right side of the green SHOULD result in a Par. Nice opening hole.

#2 is a short Par 3, just an 9 iron downhill. The green has an apex across the middle and sloped down to the front and down to the back from this point.

#3 is a Par 5 of 400 yards. An elevated tee with a valley right in front makes for a drive landing in the second valley 150 yards out. A good three wood and short wedge should have you on the green,

Now you get a picture of the three types of holes at Copper Point Golf. Some holes are more difficult (#10) and (#15).

I don’t have a picture of Hole #10. It has been changed since I golfed there years ago. Now it has a temporary forward tee box and this has made it a much shorter Par 5. It was 487 yards and now a mere 350 yards according to the scorecard. Something doesn’t add up because a drive of 200 yards by Colleen left her with 190-200 yards according to my SkyCaddie. And there is a deep valley between 140 yards and the green. Impossible to get on the green in two, let alone three.

I must admit I do like #15. The green is pretty level from the tee box. However it is a carry of 150 yards over a deep canyon with no level landing area between tee and green. One small bunker just to the right of the green and now there are three bunkers below the green left-center. Really, the green is your only option, short, left, right or long makes for a difficult par.

Hole #15

#18 is a beautiful hole with the clubhouse sitting above the green. The water curves from the tee box down the right side. However a good drive past the 150 marker will leave you to an accessible elevated green using an iron. Short will get you into one of the two bunkers guarding the green.
I had a great game of golf the last day I was 85. A score of 85. WooHoo.

Hole #18

We played with a younger (younger than us) guy who lived both there and Calgary and I’m sure he had not often played with three women! Maybe never. He was so impressed that all three of us who really PLAY golf. Get up and hit the ball and do it over. Fast, no waiting for us.

I think I speak for all three of us that we had a most enjoyable trip to the Columbia Valley. Great accommodation at the Copper Point Resort &Spa. We had some good food to boot: We even had a BBQ at the condo to celebrate my 86th Birthday.

The three of us at the 15th tee box

Look for us in 2021 because we will be back.

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