Elk Ridge Golf Course and Amy’s

The news today “With sad hearts’ Elk Ridge owners step aside as resort falls into receivership“ tugged at my heart strings as I loved that golf course.

Elk Ridge Golf Course

I had heard the story of Arne Petersen and his desire to have his OWN golf course back in the early 1990’s. My first stroke of luck was attending a Golf Merchandizing Show in Regina and I won two rounds of golf at Elk Ridge Golf Course. I could hardly wait to have the opportunity to play the course.

“A group of friends had gathered some money for a 9-hole golf course cut right out of the boreal forest. But Petersen knew there was only enough in their budget to build a couple of holes. He could not accept half-measures. And he knew what made a resort successful from travelling to proper- ties across Canada.

I got involved in the construction and we did the whole first nine,” the now 66- year old entrepreneur says. “I took over totally in 1995 and finished the second nine immediately. I’ve been on site full time since 1996, which is when I decided to start all the development that’s been going on.
Regina Leader Post.

My only experiences playing in northern Saskatchewan was at the Waskesiu Golf Course way back to 1956 when I borrowed a set of clubs and spent a week there. The course was designed by Stanley Thompson and is located in the Prince Albert National Park. The park, lake and all the amenities would have been an asset for the construction of the Elk Ridge Golf Course because of the close proximity some nine minutes away.

The famous Lobstick tree in the #1 fairway

On my drive into the Elk Ridge Golf Course from the highway I saw a man pulling up a few weeds along the pavement before arriving at the Pro Shop and I asked the Pro who that might be. He said it was the owner Mr, Petersen! Now that is dedication. I remember how fresh the air was with the morning sunshine and the smell of the forest. The adrenaline was flowing through my arteries as I hit my drive to the top of the hill on #1 Hole. The green was then in sight. Hooray. I fell more in love with the course as we played each hole. The fairways are a good width which is a great advantage as the forest on both sides is tall and thick to the ground. You are not likely to find your ball if it wanders off the fairway. You hardly ever see another golfer except, maybe, on the Par 3’s. But sometimes you hear the sound of an errant shot hitting one of the trees.

Did I say I love that course? I’ll say it again.

Tamarack #1

I played the course in 2009 and 2011 and Elk Ridge Golf Course has always been in my top five favorite courses. (I’ve golfed nearly 200 different courses).

The last time I was to Elk Ridge we stayed overnight in Prince Albert some 80 kms south of the course. (We actually didn’t know they had built the Resort and Spa on the premises). Really, the only reason we wanted to stay overnight in P.A.(Prince Albert) was to dine at Amy’s on 2nd Avenue. Now P.A has a population of only 35,926 and to find a fantastic restaurant such as Amy’s is truly remarkable.

I have to go there twice in one trip, once the night before going golfing at Elk Ridge and once after I have golfed. Northern Pickerel one night and the Lamb Shanks the next night. You have no idea the goodness of both those items on the menu.

All from Amy’s

There is another item the menu called Saskatoon Berry Chicken I must explain! The Saskatoon is native to the Canadian Prairies, Northern Canada, British Columbia, the Northwestern, North Central United States and Alaska and the berries grow on trees that reach heights of 15 feet. As you can see from the photos on this page, Saskatoon Berries resemble blueberries in size as well as color.

Now I haven’t tried this dish but I love saskatoon berries as they grew wild in our coulees where I grew up. Personally, I love them in a bowl with real cream and a bit of sugar but many people bake them in pies. I can imagine how tasty the Saskatoon Berry chicken would be at Amy’s.


Of course there is no leaving without a choice of the decadent desserts. It is worth the trip to P.A. Just to dine at Amy’s.

Hopefully Elk Ridge Resort and Spa will be open again and I will be able to make the trip to my homeland for another game. Ttyl.

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  1. Ruth Radostits

    So sorry to hear the news that they are in Receivership! After
    Pouring their heart and soul into building it! Hopefully, we will get to play it again.

    • I didn’t realize how much I missed playing at Elk Ridge until I started writing today. I can remember how I felt on arrival at the course as though it was last week. Every time we played there we were by ourselves and the serenity with the huge forests on either side made it so comfortable. Peaceful, easy golf with beautiful surroundings. First class operation from day one. Hopefully we will see golfing there again.

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