Golfing with Gail and Jackie

Ruth and I were not booked to play golf with Gail and Jackie on November 20,2018 at Deer Valley Golf Course in Sun City West. We were told we would just be a twosome. As I was taught to do, we were at the first tee some 15 minutes before our tee time.  We watched the twosome disappear on the first hole just as the Marchall approached us from the fairway.  We asked him if we could tee off and he said there was a twosome coming to join us.  Along came Gail and Jackie who were quite annoyed with the fact they had been called to the tee when their tee time was actually some 20 minutes later. However they quickly became relaxed and we all became intent on getting the game underway.

Jackie and Gail

Gail and Jackie are members of other clubs in Sun City West and had played Deer Valley several times. They were both very friendly to us and also very knowledable about the course.  

As most of you know the “Marshall’s Job” is to keep the golf course moving in the hope that nobody takes more than four hours and fifteen minutes to play a round. 

It was Tuesday morning “Ladies League” playing ahead of us: a twosome ahead of us following foursomes. And by the time Gayle and Jackie arrived at the first tee the twosome in front of us was finishing the second hole!

We were approaching the seventh green when the Marshall pulled up to talk to Gail and Jackie.  He informed us that either we catch up to the twosome in front of us or he would tell us to skip one hole.  I was chipping onto the green and he started the gas golf car right in my downswing.  I was not happy.  We did rush shots as both our partners were adamant that they didn’t want to skip any holes.

Other than the incident with the Marshall we had a really good time with Gail and Jackie on the golf course.  Good golfers and enjoying every minute makes for a good time. I asked them if i could write about meeting them in my blog. They said sure.

Deer Valley 17th Hole

Gail said to be sure to take a picture of the Signature Hole.

While we were waiting for the green to clear at #17 Gail asked us if we would join them after our game for a glass of wine at the clubhouse.  We certainly accepted the invitation and spent a good hour telling lies ( ?) and sharing stories with Gail and Jackie.

I just want to add that it is very special to be invited to join playing partners after a game of golf. It doesn’t happen often. It reminds me of the couple we met on the golf course in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and ended up having dinner with them.

This was a course in excellent condition (See an exceptional day with strangers who became friends.

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  1. I googled Edna Deets and was surprised when it came up with a bio and her picture. I had a good cry seeing her picture. She was so important in my life – at a time when I really needed guidance.
    We were very close and I pretty much lived with her & Susan from age 13 to 17, at which time, I left Calgary to further my piano studies. If this reaches Edna’s sister, Maureen O’Shea, I would very much appreciate hearing from you.
    Gayle Dunsmoor

    • Without my blog I would never been contacted by Gayle. And I would never have known about Edna’s tutoring her and the influence she had for Gayles success in music.

      How lucky I am that Colleen convinced me to start writing a blog! Blogging has given me challenges (too many to mention) that has made me work hard but has been very rewarding when you find out something or somebody you never knew before.

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