KosyShack Rice Pudding

On the 1st Tuesday of the month I was buying groceries at Sobey’s. Y’all know that’s 15% savings day.  I was getting some yogurt and a man, a bit younger than me, took four containers (624 g each) of KosyShack rice pudding from the cooler beside me.  I had never seen this product before so I thought if a guy could buy FOUR containers it must be good. I took a look at the ingredients and bought one container. I love it! Just a little rice pudding after dinner makes a satisfying dessert.

Three Puddings: Rice, Tapioca and Chocolate

I got to thinking about how my Mom and Dad really liked rice pudding and my Mom made the best! Of course she put cinnamon, nutmeg and raisins in it! Could there be a Swedish connection?

I supposed that China was likely the first to make rice pudding and sure enough, that is true. My Mom and Dad must have had this as a youngster in Sweden. Researching on the internet and BINGO “Rice Pudding (Swedish), served with sugar and cinnamon and milk or fruit juice sauce, at the Christmas table and for breakfast and dinner during the winter months, especially during Christmas time.” I also found this – “Rice Pudding (Norwegian), served with butter, sugar and cinnamon and especially popular at Christmas, usually eaten on 23 December in a celebration called “Lillejulaften” (English: “Little Christmas Eve”)”. I guess I should not have been surprised that KosySnack rice pudding is made in Arden Hills, MINNESOTA, USA. The Scandinavians probably had been making rice pudding for years and years.

As I said above, my Mom made the best rice pudding and yes, we usually had it in the winter months. Make some or buy it, you too may love rice pudding.

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