REPOST of Giveaway of a OH CANADA Golf Car Sear Cover



I need to repost the OH Canada

Giveaway of a Golf Car Seat Cover! The

entries you made never registered on

the giveaway site.

I am frustrated but sometimes the best laid plans go awry…To enter, just put a comment on this post and on June 30th, I’ll randomly pick a winner.

Everyone relates to seeing the red maple leaf as from Canada or being Canadian. I made a seat cover in white with red maple leaves with red ties for this occasion. I want one of my readers to be the recipient of a special golf car seat cover celebrating our country’s Birthday.


Entries will be open from June 1-15 and the winner will be announced before July 1.  The winner will be notified and I will send the cover by Canada Post. There will be one winner chosen by random.


How exciting it will be to see who is the winner.

*****Someone will be the lucky winner and it may as well be you!

Happy Birthday Canada



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  1. Irene Clermont June 22, 2017 @ 3:38 pm

    It is very generous of you to give away such a nice seat cover,I am not a golfer but I know someone who would make use of it.

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