Fiddler, Friends, Golfing and Great Times

At Fiddler on the Roof

Maureen, Sharon, Joan and Ruth

The great times just continue here at Sun City, Arizona.

Many thanks go out to Joan Bulmer for making the reservations at the Arizona Broadway Theatre for the presentation of Fiddler On The Roof.  Ruth, Sharon Webster and I joined Joan for an evening of entertainment.  We started off with a small libation in the lobby of this grand theatre and then proceeded to have our meal inside – as this was a dinner theatre production.  The food was excellent and two of us had the salmon and two had the beef goulash!

The poster for Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler on the Roof

Soon we were turning our chairs to face the stage and the show began. What a fantastic performance the many male and female actors put on.  There were four guys who stole the show with their Russian-style dancing that must have lasted a full ten minutes. WOW.

As we all know everything turns out good in the end

Me, feeling good!

Me, feeling good!


St. Patrick’s Day turned out to be the day that Ruth and I could golfed at her home course, the Sun City Country Club.    We had the house in ship shape for the arrival of family and then we were off to the course. It was afternoon by the time we started, and it was hot! It got hotter and hotter yet as the afternoon wore on, and by the time we were finished we were pretty well tired out.

Lynn and Sharon

Lynn and Sharon, outdoor dining!

Ruth was off to a dinner party with friends.  I was on my way to camp with Sharon and Lynn for a few nights while Ruth entertains some of her family. Sharon, of course, had a traditional dinner of corned beef and cabbage to honour St. Patrick.  Joan and Bill joined us and we had a wonderful evening and the cabbage was superb and the corned beef wasn’t bad either. In fact, everything was oh so good.

Lamb shanks - delicious!

Lamb shanks – Sharon Style!

Friday evening we capped off another one of Sharon’s extraordinary dinners:  Lamb Shanks. Braised at noon then she added the following: One bottle of good red wine (the kind you drink on special occasions) along with carrots, rosemary, thyme, tomato paste, beef broth and lemon rind…just to mention a few of the ingredients. It stayed for four hours in the oven and came out PERFECT!   Did I mention garlic mashed potatoes?  Oh yes, those too.

I may never go home.

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