Our Great Night’s Sleep at The Wilderness Club

I mentioned The Wilderness Club when Ruth and I first decided to make this road trip down to Whitefish, Montana. In fact, we drove past the turnoff to The Wilderness Club as we made our way south along US Highway 93.

A while back, while researching different road trip scenarios, I’d taken a look at The Wilderness Club but for some reason I’d brushed it off for being outside of our price range. After we’d made our bookings in Whitefish, however, when we were researching the links for the blog, we found the Golf Digest ranking of the top golf courses in Montana, and The Wilderness Club is ranked number 3, and that sort of pulled at my heart strings. Then a couple hours later, one of my son-in-law’s friends had posted a picture of him and his son golfing at The Wilderness Club, so I decided to check the prices once again.

And the prices were good. So instead of staying for three nights in Whitefish, we changed our itinerary and opted for a Tuesday night stay and a Wednesday morning play at The Wilderness Club in Eureka, Montana.

Cottage 4

Cottage 4 at The Wilderness Club

Before booking to see if I could get a room, I called the clubhouse to find out if Ruth and I could get a Wednesday morning tee time, and there was, so I booked it. I had Adam Long on the phone, who turns out is the Director of Golf there at The Wilderness Club. Not only did he set us up with a tee-time, he also was able to arrange our accommodations for us. We didn’t know it then, but were we ever in for a treat!

Ruth at The Wilderness Club

Ruth in the central lounge at Cottage 4

The Wilderness Club’s slogan is “Our back country is your backyard” and with their wooden cabins and North Country theme, I’d have to describe their accommodations as upscale country luxury. Take a look at the picture of Ruth on the left. She’s in what they call the main lobby, which is a common area for the 8 rooms that made up our cottage – 4 rooms on one side and four on the other. From the main lobby, we had access to our rooms, access to the patio and we could have played cards there if we’d wanted to, and the decor fit right in with the surroundings. And it was so peaceful there, you couldn’t believe it.

Maureen O'Shea

Me on the deck outside of Cottage 4

The room that Ruth and I got was called Cottage 4. It was a spacious room with two queen-sized beds, and I know I’ve told you before about how I like to stay where there are good beds and I have a philosophy that as you get older, having a good bed is key to stopping you from getting up in the night as so many seniors I know do. Anyways, the beds at The Wilderness Club may now be at the top of my list as far as comfortable beds go, and if I could admit it to myself, maybe it even just edges out my comfortable bed at home.

As it turns out, the mattresses for their beds are made by a US company called Corsicana Bedding out of Corsicana, Texas. The mattress was gel memory foam and there were absolutely no pressure points on my body all night long: what a great night’s sleep I had, and when we woke up in the morning and talked about it, Ruth agreed. She’d had a great sleep too.

When we got to the pro-shop for our morning tee-time, I asked Adam about it and he said that The Wilderness Club has sold a lot of people these beds, and after sleeping in them for just one night, I know why. Adam says they sleep in them once and want to take them home with them.

As for the golf, well that’s another story all in its own and you’ll have to wait until tomorrow or so to hear it. But if you’re looking for a new bed, look for a Corsicana. Or, better yet, head down to The Wilderness Club in Eureka, Montana, stay the night and and try out their’s. I’m sure you’ll be convinced!

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  1. Renee Davis

    Hello ladies,
    It looks like you two are having a great time and that Wilderness Club sounds awesome! I do not get to read all of your posts but sure do enjoy them from time to time. If you are ever passing through Eau Claire, Wisconsin again be sure to look me up!

  2. Brenda Lee Owe

    It was so wonderful to meet you at Shadow Mountain in Cranbrook today. Did I tell you that Shadow Mountain is #52 in the top 59 public golf courses in Canada and that we are ranked #14 in best value for your money? We truly have a hidden gem here. Hope I will have the opportunity to meet you again. I waited around but did not see you when your round was over. Cheers and happy trucking!! You are an inspiration. Brenda

  3. Lolly & Murray

    Hi you sure seem to be having a great time. I think we know more about golf now then we ever did! Safe travels.

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