A Great Day for Golf in Manitoba

Grand Pines Golf Course

Grand Pines Golf Course

I woke up early in the morning after a really good nights sleep, at the Webster’s home in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I made a couple of mugs of Tim Horton’s Dark Roast coffee in the Keurig while I waited for the rest of the house to awaken.  By 8:00 a.m. we had scrambled eggs in the pan and bread in the toaster.  The raspberry jam reminded me of the freezer jams my mother made years ago, and it was so good on my toast.

By 9:00 our threesome of Lynn, Ruth and I were on our way to Grand Pines Golf Course, on Highway #59, 1 km north of Highway #11, near Lake Winnipeg.  This took us about an hour and a half and soon we were on the 1st tee.

Me and Lynn at Grand Pines

Me and Lynn at Grand PinesThe course was not easy with a rating of 72.5 and a slope of 131 from the red tees, 5631 yards.  We had really good fairways and greens and played pretty fast the first nine holes.  The temperature on the back nine was really hot and I think the heat wore us down: we were pretty tired before we finished our 18 holes.


Albert Beach

Albert Beach


Farmery Premium Lager – a prairie brew

We stopped by to see their cottage and had a Farmery Beer and, my! it tasted good! I hadn’t had a beer in a long time and it was cold and absolutely refreshing.  We took a walk down to the beach in front of their house and sat and watched the swimmers in the lake.  This is a wonderful place to be and just a short walk to the water.  There are big trees to break the north wind when it comes down the Lake Winnipeg… and we all know how cold a north wind can blow.

Lynn stopped to fill his Ford and when he returned to the car I said we were going across the highway to get ice cream cones.  We got three cones, one chocolate, one carmel – and mine was butter pecan.  I can not recall when I last had an ice cream cone and was it ever good.

We arrived at the house to the smell of roast chicken!  Sharon had done it again:  made a delicious dinner with all the fresh vegetables and LOW AND BEHOLD on the buffet was a Lemon Merengue Pie.  Now that was soooooooo gooooood.  Kim and Cathy were both in attendance for dinner – and we now had fun with two more Websters.

Lynn, Kim, Ruth and Cathy

Lynn, Kim, Ruth and Cathy

We will be up early and on the road to Regina on Monday morning — to one of my most favourite golf courses in the entire world, Tor Hill.

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  1. Rita

    …after the royal treatment you have been receiving en route, you will have a rude awakening when life return to normal….home cooked meals, etc.

    The furniture in the dining room (especially the sideboard) looked stunning!

    I am sure you are both anxious to be in Saskatchewan for more visiting and golfing.

    Safe travels, hope the smoke from the forest fires is not a problem.


    • It will be nice to swap out our #roadtrip stash of clothes for some others, because even you’re probably getting sick of seeing me and Ruth in the same combos for the past 4 weeks! It’s certainly been a great adventure!

  2. scornlp

    A very nice course. Parents are playing there this morning! My other personal favourites: Minnewasta (home course), Granite Hills, Elmhurst

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