New Years Resolutions

Thirty one days, the month of January, is a great start for whatever change you may want to make in your life.  So many ways that 2023 can be part of your plans to choose what makes you happy!  Losing weight, changing jobs, trying a new art form: drawing, painting, wood carving, writing, wallpapering a wall (or a room — wallpaper is on trend this year!), walking, biking — oh so many more things you could do.

Someone said that when she got out of bed she would say, “Get ready to go on stage!  Pull up those covers and make your bed, tuck your pj’s into your pillow, get dressed, put on your socks and shoes  — all before you leave your bedroom.”

Here are some habits that I think are real winners.  Routines help keep things orderly, and an orderly life frees up time and space for the people and things you really love.

When you come home from work (or finish your work from home), change your clothes and hang them up.  

A neat closet

In your closet as well as your own life, discard what you don’t use.  Clothes that haven’t been worn for a year can go to the charity bin and someone else will wear them.  

People who don’t return your calls and not worth hanging on to.  And also those who have nothing good to say have nothing to make you happy.  

Take this next year to develop warmer more meaningful relationships.  

Do ankle circles.  Every day.  Exercise with weights to retain your muscles.  You need to as you age.  Try doing your workout as soon as your feet hit the floor when you get dressed.  In 1/2 hour you can then make your coffee.

Keep your car clean.  Never leave anything  (I mean anything in your car that is visible to anyone walking by) in your back or front seat.  Thieves will break your window if something looks valuable.

Recycle, reuse and regift.  If you have a vase that your Aunt Mary gave you years ago and you have enough vases, then give it to one of her kids.  They may be really happy to have it!  

Make someone happy with the vase from Aunt Mary

Keep a happy jar.  Anytime something makes you happy, make a note of the day and time and what made you happy.  How exciting to revisit a jar or more of happy notes!

You can start a happiness jar today. Just do it!

Talk to elderly people in line at the store. Open with, “How is your day going?” That’s much better than, “How are you?”, which can feel like prying.  

It’s amazing how happy you may make this person. He or she may live alone and not have had a conversation with anyone for a long time.  Maybe days.  

365 days to make a difference.  Happiness is worth a try.  You’re worth it!

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