Do you need a Golf Checkup?

Do you need a golf checkup?  Probably.  Do you get an Annual Medical Checkup?  You probably do.  In fact it is a common requirement to have an Annual Medical to get travel insurance, especially if you are a senior.

But why a GOLF CHECKUP?  I say Why not?

We watch the Professional golfers both male and female on TV almost every week end of the year. We know that a good percentage of these golfers have a coach and likely a fitness/trainer. Of course these take money and once you a Pro, these are an integral part of your life and budget.

The general consensus of opinion with respect to taking up the game of golf is to buy a few clubs, shoes a glove and some balls and go golfing.

I, for one, thought this was the way to go and I did. I played golf for four years before I took a lesson. Very stupid. I acquired many bad habits that can come back in a flash when you least expect it! I was at the range at the Wascana Country Club hitting balls with my friend June. Her son Wade was a Professional Golfer at the club and came to watch us. He said, “Maureen, you should be scoring in the 80’s and I’d like to give you a few lessons to help make it happen”. He did and I must admit the first time I broke 90 was at that club in a Regina City Championship. I could hardy wait to show him my score of 88. Over the years I have gone back for a “checkup”. Sometimes my Pro will say that I’m doing one or two or even five things I didn’t do before. In ten minutes he/she has me back on track and my game is good again. Maybe it is just one thing.

As some of you may already know I have had problems getting progressive lenses glasses to suit my eyes for the past several years. I won’t go into details but it affected my golf big time. I was frustrated with trying to “fix” my golf swing back to 2015 when I was happy! Scores in the low 80’s. I needed help as nothing I did was working.

I looked at the River Spirit Webpage and found their lessons were provided by

Sarah Jane Hornes McNichol.

I sent an email to her and wanted to start with one lesson. (Maybe it could be fixed with one!). Smoke and rain deferred my lesson to August 26. I, of course was early for my appointment and one of the staff at River Spirit came and told me that Sarah Jane would be late. When she arrived and said her dog had been sick from the smoke and she had to clean up after him. Right then I knew she was someone who cares.

Just a little video of my swing. Since that time I have worked on my tempo as I was swinging too hard on my back swing. Now I go back slowly and generate power with a full swing. Turn that right heel up and get that club wrapped past my shoulder. Sometimes with age one does get a bit lazy.

I know many of you are content with your golf game. And you say you’ve never taken a lesson. And that’s fine. But if you are struggling with your game and find you are topping the ball or hitting the ground behind your ball, it may just be in your set up! You are happy to spend $$$ for a green fee but are reluctant to spend the same money for a lesson and you might enjoy your game so much more.

I also recommend as a woman you find a golf Pro who is also a woman to take your lessons from. We women are built differently than men and I think we have less stability through our hips. Just saying!

Improvements and/or change take time and work. So take some lesson, get to work on the range and enjoy your golf for years to come!

BK and Maureen at Tobiano, Kamloops, B.C.
This course is a fantastic layout. it was early this spring and they had not opened the water lines and although the ground was soft, the grass needed some sunlight to grow. I have to stop walking through my swing!

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