Sun City 2020

My WestJet flight was delayed while they cleared the runways of the snow that had fallen overnight. We then waited our turn for the de-icing procedure and were off to Phoenix.

I washed my hands in the hottest water possible after clearing customs and on boarding the plane I wiped down my whole area with disinfectant …..the Coronavirus could be anywhere and I take precautions. Upon arrival in Phoenix I washed my hands and again when we arrived at Ruth’s home. Being careful isn’t a big task. I just keep repeating, “wash your hands”.

My first game of golf was on Thursday with two of Ruth’s friends for the first nine holes and with three guys for the last nine holes. The last nine was quite entertaining as the threesome were competing for $‘s. I’m sure it wasn’t for really big bucks but they were yapping after every hole how the millions were being lost! The guy who was leading the other two by two strokes when we arrived at the 18th hole couldn’t close. First tee shot was into the water and the next shot was Out Of Bounds. He then came in second. It was a lot of laughs and I hit a few decent shots.

Good dinner with one of our favorites – lamb shanks.

On Friday we headed out to Valley Golf Center to check out the stock in this large golf shop. One of the purchases I made was from Bermuda Sands a company new to me. It turns out that the skort and top I found is made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. And is 50+ UV protection as well. It is the most comfortable material I have ever worn. Made in Guatemala. Why can’t we find this material being made in North America?

Bermuda Sands top and skort. Together they look like a dress and you know how I love dresses.

Saturday was a beautiful, hot day and we played the Riverview course. Afterwards we went to Bill and Joan’s for a delicious dinner. I must say the Blueberry Pie, home made by Joan, was the best blueberry pie I have EVER eaten. We then played Bridge for a couple of hours. What a lovely evening.

Monday was our first trip back to Palmbrook, one of our favorite golf courses. It was a warm, sunny day and we were joined by a couple who we actually played with in November. When we introduced each other the Irish last names clicked our memory banks. He said his Mothers name was Ruth, then we knew we had played together!

I played some better golfs! So I’m exited to get out again. I will take more pictures…..

Tonight we have dinner guests and more Bridge. Busy, busy, busy.

More to come…

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