After self isolating

My 14 days of self isolation are over and I should be celebrating. However, there is no room for celebration as yet. I am very happy to report that I am feeling fine and never had a cough in those two weeks. I found myself sneezing a couple of times and right away I was counting the minutes to see if it was going to happen again. Luckily I’m still the healthy 85 year old that I was 14 days ago? I am used to being alone so I didn’t find the time to go slowly nor did I find myself more lonely than usual. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly missed my family and friends. Most of them were either self isolating or just staying home with immediate family. I really missed playing bridge with my seven friends but of course they aren’t playing bridge anywhere either.

I may have completed the orders I received from Canada Customs to self isolate for 14 days but my life will not change tomorrow. I will be staying very close to home. Bridget will make sure (as she has in the past 14 days) that I have enough groceries in my place for another four weeks. Even after that I won’t be going anywhere unnecessarily. I made a couple of masks and today the verdict is still out as to wearing one or not. If I wear one I will not touch my face.

One thing for sure is life won’t be the same as it was before this pandemic. We will be more careful with cleanliness. Our stores will have made changes to protect their employees. We will appreciate our family and friends even more. We, in the over 65 age group, will be so happy if our friends have made it through this pandemic.

Of course our hair will need cutting and coloring and that can wait as it isn’t important. What is important is that we don’t take down our guard before it is safe to do so. We still need to STAY HOME and SAVE LIVES.


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  1. Kate

    Well said and well done, Auntie Mo. You are the poster child (poster senior?) for following the rules during this pandemic. By doing so, you kept yourself and others safe and healthy. This month our normal lives have come undone very quickly but, as with any crisis or threat, most Canadians rise up and do what has to be done. Cheers to that!

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