Regina – My Home For 54 Years

It was such a beautiful morning Wednesday August 20, 2019 that I was not in a hurry to be on the road to Regina. There definitely is something special about the air in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan that is so fresh and clean. With the window wide open in my bedroom, I slept like a baby. Breakfast was ready, courtesy of Eugene and Irene ,when I slept in till eight o’clock!

Irene and I had time till noon to go through the books I have printed from Irene found it most interesting to see the actual book in print although she had read each post as they were published. She was so impressed with the quality of the pictures and had many questions about the process. Before we knew it the time had come for lunch and then to send me on my way.

I did stop and take a picture on the highway to Moose Jaw. There is a pull off, up a hill, with a tower for picture taking. I didn’t climb the ladder to the platform but I’m sure it would make for a great picture. This was the best I could do.

Wide Open Spaces

I was soon coming to the outskirts of Regina to find major construction of a new “ring road” being built way out to the south east of the old ring road. I took the #11 North exit and ended up practically in Pinkie with an arrow pointing to Hill Avenue. I knew that Hill Avenue would take me to Albert Street, but it looked more like an alley than an avenue, littered with construction equipment. Instead I kept going south on this road and BINGO, Gordon Road. For sure I was now headed for Albert Street and in no time I was in Hillsdale. I took a drive down McNiven Avenue and took a picture of the house we lived in for many years. 1324.

See how big the trees have grown

There was a bit of mud jacking going on the streets in Hillsdale so parking was a bit of a problem the first couple of days.

My first stop was to visit my friend Lynn who worked with me at Farm Light and Power. Congratulations was the first order of the day for her partnership at work. She has been so successful in her field and I as so proud to be her “second Mom and supporter”. We had an hour’s visit and so much to catch up on. After all, it had been six years since we had last seen each other.

Almost a selfie

I had coffee in the afternoon with Ruth Kitchen at what used to be called the Vagabond. (Many of my friends will remember that watering hole). Ruth and I go back many years also, from a chance meeting having lunch at Henry’s. As you can see we were in for a treat and good conversation,

Nanaimo Bars

My next stop was to visit Doug and Eileen Reimche in Albert Park. We had a great time and I learned so much from Doug I didn’t know before. He had been a school teacher at the same school as Lois Allen and it was Lois who told Doug that he should meet Doc O’Shea, who was a car person just like Doug. We talked about cars, and trucks (especially the 1/2 ton on the driveway). We talked of cars we owned and those we should have owned or cars we should have kept. We wondered where Tu is now. Both Doc and Doug had body work done to vehicles at Like New Autobody owned by Tu. Tu had immigrated from Vietnam after the war and we both agreed he was the BEST IN THE BUSINESS. Period. We go back many, many years and we had memories to share.

Doug is recovering from open heart surgery and reports are that he is doing better every day.

We sat down to a delicious lunch prepared by Eileen. Soon I had to leave, but not without pictures.

Eileen, Maureen and Doug Reimche
In front of Doug and Eileen’s 1995 S-10 Chevrolet

The next stop was to see the Saskatchewan Roughriders game against the Ottawa Redblacks at Mosaic Stadium. It is a fabulous sports stadium with all the bells and whistles. Fantastic layout with easy-to-follow signs to your seats. Access with railings to comfortable seats. However, the noise from the P.A. system was deafening — even to my ears with plugs in them! The playing field is quite far from the first row of seats and we had the best-of–the-best seats thanks to my generous friend, Barb. It was easier to follow the plays watching the JUMBOTRON!

Mosaic Stadium
Roughriders 40 Redblacks 18

Next morning I was off to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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