Acrylic Paintings By Maureen O’Shea

I bought some paints, brushes and canvas originally to paint a red Saskatchewan Pool Elevator as there were hundreds of them in Saskatchewan when I was young. Now they are becoming obsolete being replaced with mega grain terminals. I wanted to take a picture of one of these elevators to paint and it was a few years before I was able to find an elevator. I just happened to see this lone elevator a mile or so off the highway west of Rosetown, SK. A left turn and I had pictures.

However, since I had the paints I decided to try painting a golf course hole before I attempted to paint an elevator. Here are some of my paintings.

My first try at painting. Hole #4, Sky Mountain, Hurricane, UT.
Saskatchewan Pool Elevator at Ridpath, SK.
Saskatchewan Pool Elevator, Ridpath, Sk
On The Shore At Maui, HI
Murray and Jesse in Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C.
Norquay, Saskatchewan Elevators
Lake Abraham, AB on the North Saskatchewan River
Abstract Pastel Colors
Angry Bull
Spirit Island, Maligne Lake AB

Spirit Island is the last painting I have done which was in 2010. Then my writing for the blog has taken over since June 2015. One day I will get more canvas and paint again. I’ll never be a famous painter but I enjoy trying to be creative.

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    • I knew if I posted the pictures they would end up being printed in one of my books. I do love to try different things. It has been fun to paint and it is relaxing as well.
      Thanks for commenting.

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