Fun in Fee-Nix – The Valley of the Sun

My three weeks in Phoenix (Fee-Nix), the Valley of the Sun, have gone by like a flash. Now I am home and have time to write.

The stay at Ruth’s was fantastic. Right off the bat we went looking at golf clubs. First of all we went to the Valley Golf Center. I knew that Demo days were on March 9,10 and 11 so we went out there to check the clubs before the demo days. I tried out the TaylorMade M2 from last year as I knew I hit it well. Not much could be said of my ball striking….I gave up and went to Van’s. We didn’t buy that trip but went back to Valley Golf to try clubs again. Back to Van’s (Worldwild Golf Shops) and I couldn’t hit a barn door from 40 feet! Ruth had much better luck. I bought a TaylorMade M2 Driver and a 3 Wood. I don’t know where to find my golf swing.. maybe it is hiding somewhere near Calgary..enough said.


Ruth, Sharon and me

We went to Bill and Joan’s for dinner and played Bridge. We were to Lynn and Sharon’s for dinner. Exceptional great cook is that Sharon!

Sharon and I went to Scottsdale to Marmi’s….an hour later I had tried on every shoe size 8 1/2 Narrow and Slim and finally came out with one pair of shoes! A few more stops and we were having a tasty lunch at Nordstrom’s. So much fun checking the stock.

Joan and I played in the Cannadian-American tournament and the Canadians won. Thanks to our great playing and prize winning duo! Lynn and Bill also played in the tournament.  Dinner again at Lynn and Sharon’s for St. Patrick’s day. Great stew and Key Lime Pie

Several dinner parties at Ruth’s, a few Bridge games and 11 games of golf.

Friday Night Steak Night on Tuesday – Guy, Ruth and Colleen

Surprise of my life at 5:00 a.m. on March 13 when I got a call on FaceTime.  It was Colleen and she and Guy were in Philadelphia on their way to Sedona for a week. They were with friends from Caseyville, IL. Tuesday they came to Ruth’s with Guy carrying the steak for instead of Friday it was Tuesday Steak Night. They stayed overnight and we headed out to the Wigwam Resort Golf with Lynn and Ruth to golf. Guy walked the course with us and was proud to have amassed 15,000 steps. We had a lot of fun and stopped in the club house for lunch afterwards.  My only burger in the US this trip and it was excellent.


I then went to Sedona with them for overnight and Colleen brought me back to Ruth’s on Thursday night.

Sedona is spectacular. It would be overwhelming if you had never seen Zion National Park.

Colleen and I stopped in at Starbucks for coffee and a part game of Scrabble.  How’s much fun was that?

Ruth’s grapefruit tree

Guy was the lucky one to pick grapefruit right off Ruth’s tree and he truly did savor the flavor!

P.S. There is still some snow here!


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  1. Rita Frost

    You describe a wonderful three weeks with Ruth, friends and family…..doesn’t get much better!

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