Looking for the Words to a Swedish Song

I’ve decided it’s time to make a book from all the stories I’ve written about The Swedish Pioneers – stories about my parents and grandparents as they emigrated from Sweden to Minnesota and, eventually, Saskatchewan. But there’s something missing, the words to a Swedish song — and that’s why I need your help.

This will be the second book that I’m publishing from my blog; the first one about Road Trips has been on my coffee table for about a year, and I have at least another two categories that I still want to publish – Golf (since I’ve golfed at so many great golf courses over the years — nearly 200 different ones) and My Life with Doc about the love of my life, Doc O’Shea. Even though I’m 82 now, I think it’s important to have goals. And even if these books are just for my children and few of my relatives who have asked for copies, I want to give them some of my greatest memories. Which is why I need your help.

For this book, I want to include the words to a couple of Swedish songs that my Mamma and Daddy sang to me when I was a child. There were two two songs I could sing in Swedish and I have the words to one, but not to the other. I have been searching and searching and searching. One of my daughters said I should sing it, and maybe people could recognize the song. So I’ve made my first YouTube video.

Help me please.  I am pretty sure the last line translates into English as “All my little fine cakes burned up!”

Let me know what you find or any resources you can point me to. Leave a Comment at the bottom of this post.

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