On the Course with Offcourse

UhThis week, I golfed with a couple of young guys out at River Spirit Golf Course and it turns out, one of them has developed an app for golfers.


Offcourse – a golf course GPS and game tracking app

Josh and Colby Fafard were the two players I met and golfed with. These brothers were out for a Monday morning round of golf and were happy to be on the course. It was one of the nicest days here in the Calgary area of the whole summer — sunny with a slight breeze and +24 C. They were in one golf car, I was on my own in another.

As we got to talking, I found out that Josh has an App called Offcourse – a golf course navigation app. He showed me how the App was working on his phone and with what he told me about it, he really piqued my interest in trying it out and maybe using it on a regular basis. He said that I would be able to download it for my iPad or iPhone and use it as a rangefinder and it would let me track my golf game, get an insight into my game and share my rounds with other golfers too!

As soon as I got home I downloaded the Off Course app, determined to try it out with the round that I’d just played at the River Spirit Golf Club. By entering my shots hole by hole with not only my score but with the fairways I hit, greens in regulation, putts made and other details such as sand and approach shots, I was able to get a really complete picture of my round. I think it’s really interesting to see the stats with percentages in every category. (You may know how I like numbers).

I golfed again on Tuesday at Elbow Springs and afterwards I entered my hole by hole score (including a birdie on Elbow Nine Hole #8).   Now I have two rounds of golf with more statistics.  How much fun is that?

Of course, Offcourse looks like it’s another tool I’m going to use to help me with my game. Thanks for the nice round, boys, and thanks Josh for the great tip and for helping build such a great app.


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