Friends on the Course

On Saturday, Ruth and I ventured out to the Elbow Springs Golf Club in the afternoon. It was 1:30 p.m. when we met for a 2:32 p.m. tee time.  We checked in and headed to the range to warm up.

I spent the time hitting balls with my 7 iron only. After Thursday’s round where I hit my 7 iron seven times into the greens, I wanted to practice hitting a draw with that iron, so that’s what I did. A bucket of balls with my 7 iron and I must admit I put a draw on 80% of the shots. Then on to the putting green and I had the whole green to myself. So I played some of the games I have dreamed up for practice putting.  One hand, back hand, one hand with my back to the hole. Really?  I was just putting in time, ar ar ar, waiting for the starter to call us to the tee.

I drove our golf car to the forward tees on the Springs Nine and waited for the foursome in front of us to clear the fairway.  Then I noticed two gals walking, pushing their clubs, to our tee.  When I first saw them coming down the hill towards us I noticed how they were talking and laughing and walking together on the path, as good friends are known to do!  I just knew these two were good friends and seemed to be happy to be out on a Saturday afternoon enjoying each other’s company. I said you must be joining us. And they said yes.

Saskatchewan – homeland

We introduced ourselves to Delia and Twila.  I promptly told Twila that I had known of a girl named”Twila” who lived across the river from where I lived when I was young.  Her family was Finnish as the area had been settled by Finlanders.  Twila said she was Ukranian and knew her name was not a common Ukranian name.  I then asked what part of Saskatchewan did she come from and she said Canora!   I said I came from Regina to Calgary and Ruth came from Saskatoon.

On the 6th hole we were waiting and talking and it turned out that Twila had lived in Leduc and her home was just down the street from Ruth’s son.  What a small world.



Both Delia and Twila are beautiful women. Delia is a fitness trainer, tall and fit. Wow, can she hit her driver — 250-275 yards off the tee! Twila, on the other hand, was struggling with her driver. Delia was very knowledgeable about the golf swing and before we were to the 7th hole she had Twila hitting her driver really well – finishing her swing.  You could tell they were such good friends as Twila was so receptive to Delia’s suggestions. (Delia said she likes to be bossy!)

Golf Lessons Count at Every Age.

Today reminded me of when I started golfing on a regular basis at the Murray Golf Club and later on at Tor Hill Golf Club in Regina.  My friend June and I loved to have early tee times on Saturday and Sunday.  The nights stay warm in Saskatchewan. And the days in July and August can be hot, hot as well so early morning is a great time to start your round of golf.  We walked the course back then and happy times we shared.  My friend Barb and I have had a different kind of golf friendship.  We’ve had many a great time on the course too.  Not early morning golf but we LOVED to go to the Pro shop at different courses and retail stores to check out the golf equipment and golf clothes. I miss those happy days with my friends.  My theory is never take your troubles to the golf course and we never did!

Delia and Twila were having a good time together, and we had a lot of fun golfing with them.  It confirms my theory that you meet the nicest people on a golf course.

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  1. Rita Frost

    A feel good account of a memorable day! No doubt the connection to the Homeland made it all good. Nice to be reminded of special friendships shared.

    • I try to post a feel good story once in awhile for those who do not golf. I look forward to every day as a new experience and many golf rounds are an insight into people. Thanks for reading, Rita.

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