Make the Gift of a Golf Car Seat Cover

Quite a few years ago a friend of mine, Rhonda, asked me to design a golf car seat cover for her. She wanted to give it to her friend Leonne who would give it to her husband Joe for his birthday. I found their favourite colours and the picture above shows Rhonda with the finished burgundy and gold golf car seat cover.

I have always shared whatever ideas I have had that could help one and all. With the Christmas season right around the corner, and many trying to make the holidays more meaningful, I’m sharing my design for how you can make a golf car seat cover as a gift for someone you love. I know they’ll appreciate it — I appreciate mine.

Coke is it with the golf car seat cover I made for my daughter, Bridget

Coke is it with the golf car seat cover I made for my daughter, Bridget

Who would have guessed that the post I wrote back in July, 2015 called, “Make Your Own Golf Car Seat Cover” (click for instructions) would have so many visits?  Of course, I have no idea how many of those readers actually made the seat cover.  What I do know is that every day at least one reader has clicked on this post ever since I posted it. As of today I have had 2,781 reads of this post. Now that calculates to an average of over 5 hits per day!

Green with navy, blue and white seat cover

Green with navy, blue and white seat cover

I have been making golf car seat covers for many years and every one I have given as a gift has been more than slightly appreciated.  On a hot day, they keep you from sticking to the vinyl or leather seat — or from burning your legs if you’re wearing shorts or a skort.  Then, when it’s cold outside, there is nothing nicer than sitting on a cosy golf seat cover, avoiding that chill going up your spine to the tips of your fingers.

Think about how many people you know that golf and get busy with this project. Head to the store and buy the materials you need. Take out that sewing machine and make as many seat covers as you have time to do between now and Christmas or any other holiday or occasion you celebrate or exchange gifts.

A gift of a golf car seat cover will be appreciated for years.

And don’t think golf car seat covers are just for women. Men like like them too. Let me tell you that some guys like to act a bit macho, but every guy that has sat on my seat cover likes it as much as I do.

  • Buy good quality fleece.
    There is a large selection of NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL fleece in your favourite teams colors.  My choice for shopping for all your needs is at JoAnn Fabrics in the USA but I am sure you can find fleece of your choice at any good fabric store.
  • Don’t skimp on the price of the fabric.
    Good fleece is a must.
  • Make it washable.
    You might want to embellish your golf car seat cover with tassels, sequins or other kinds of sparkles, but remember, you should make it washable, so keep that in mind. I wash mine in the washing machine on gentle wash and take it out before the spin cycle and hang it to dry.
Meghan is showing how to tuck the cover in at the back of the seat on the car. Just lift it up and tuck it in.

Meghan shows you how to put your golf car seat cover into place. Lift and tuck!

Most of the new golf cars are much easier to put your seat cover onto: all you need to do is lift the seat up at the back and tuck the cover in! I didn’t put the ties on the last covers I made because of that, but ties are an easy addition.

 Find the time and make someone happy this holiday season with a golf car seat cover.


Hello to all you Golf Car Seat Cover makers!

I know how popular my original post “Make Your Own Golf Car Seat Cover” has been since I posted it July 27, 2015. This post has been clicked on over 4,400 times since that date and who knows how many times these covers have been made.

Follow the instructions on the original post above and then check out the following:

 Carpet gripper 8″ wide

One of my readers, Sharon, suggested I put Carpet Gripper on the back side of the cover to keep it from slipping on the vinyl seat of the golf car.

Off to Fabricland where I purchased an 8″ strip of Gripper and sewed it across the cover about 4″ from the bottom.

 Parchment paper to be used to sew gripper to cover

I pinned parchment paper to the gripper in order to sew it with my sewing machine. Then removed the paper.

I tried the new and improved cover on Wednesday of this week and the seat cover never moved at ALL.

 Golf car seat cover with carpet gripper

Thanks Sharon for sharing.

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