Update On “Make Your Own Golf Car Seat Cover”


Hello to all you Golf Car Seat Cover makers!

I know how popular my original post “Make Your Own Golf Car Seat Cover” has been since I posted it July 27, 2015. This post has been clicked on over 4,400 times since that date and who knows how many times these covers have been made.

Follow the instructions on the original post above and then check out the following:

Carpet gripper 8″ wide

One of my readers, Sharon, suggested I put Carpet Gripper on the back side of the cover to keep it from slipping on the vinyl seat of the golf car.


Off to Fabricland where I purchased an 8″ strip of Gripper and sewed it across the cover about 4″ from the bottom.



Parchment paper to be used to sew gripper to cover

I pinned parchment paper to the gripper in order to sew it with my sewing machine. Then removed the paper.


I tried the new and improved cover on Wednesday of this week and the seat cover never moved at ALL.


Golf car seat cover with carpet gripper

Thanks Sharon for sharing.

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